SNK continues to tickle retro gamers, releases Neo Geo gamepad for PS3

Tim Stevens writes: "Oh man, as if having 10 Neo Geo classics hitting the PS3 and PSP complete with online multiplayer wasn't sweet enough, now SNK is doing one better by releasing an updated version of the classic Neo Geo gamepad. Sure, it isn't as magestic as the giant, hulking arcade stick that came in a pair with the $650 Neo Geo Gold System. However, the system's gamepad (released with the Neo Geo CD) would go on to be even more popular thanks to its much lower cost and novel floating 8-way d-pad."

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Drekken2557d ago

Hmmm... When did they release this?

Here is the controllers I have for my Neo-Geo:

AAACE52557d ago

Anyone remember the Neo Geo console? That thing costed $1000 (I think) and had controllers as big as the console. Bad thing was most of it's games sucked. I only knew 1 person crazy enough to have one... and for the price I thought it would have the greatest games ever created. Sad really!

TronEOL2557d ago

And I'm so buying this.

andron6662557d ago

Nice, would this be good for SFIV too? Too bad it's only in asia...

come_at_me_bro2557d ago

I'm guessing it'd be as good as those Mad Catz gamepads. If that's your preferred control style, it should work great.

showtimefolks2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

can i use this with ther games too or just fighting?

i am guessing this is made for fighting

Baka-akaB2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

it wouldnt would with anything not requiring 2 analogs

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