Microsoft Stole Footage For Forza 4 Game Trailer

The trailer for Microsoft-owned Turn 10 Studios' Forza Motorsport 4 features clips stolen from someone else's automotive web-series — including a clip of actor Paul Walker.

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MaximusPrime2553d ago

what else do you expect? it's microsoft.

Seijoru2553d ago

Haha thats hilarious. Turn 10's reputation is taking another hit after that whole developers badmouthing GT5 incident. Although I think the same thing happened with a GT PSP ad.

UCMEandICU2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

doesn't seem to matter when it comes to MS or Turn 10. People support them regardless.

People thinking that trailer represents what Forza4 is going to look like clear do not learn, nor care to learn, from past mistakes or history.

Masters of smoke and mirrors and they keep doing it cause it works.

-Alpha2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I don't know anybody expecting the trailer to look like that. Unless they are gullible, most people are aware that it was a teaser trailer and that was it.

As far as smoke and mirrors, I don't think that this is a matter of smoke and mirrors as much as it that the trailer had bits "stolen" (unless those bits were gameplay, which they don't seem to be judging from the article description)

It leads me to believe MS rushed the thing out to have something for the VGAs as opposed to nothing at all

Wenis2553d ago

So.. where is the proof that it is stolen? Microsoft most likely asked to use the footage for their trailor and they agreed. Of course that won't stop the fanboys from bashing the Forza series at any chance they can though.

Lou-Cipher2553d ago

Maybe they can use GT5 gameplay in their next trailer, and then people might actually think they have a good looking game for once.

captain-obvious2553d ago

MS hits a new low

whats new ?

I_find_it_funny2553d ago

they were in a hurry, you know Gears3 :)

Lightsaber2553d ago Show
Game-ur2553d ago

A sign of things to come?
Turn 10 most likely waited until GT5 to release so they can copy it.

Cut and paste
Cut and paste

Marceles2553d ago

buh footage

Masterchef20072553d ago

Yeah i agree with you the trailer looks pretty rushed to me. Like a cut and paste job. I guess that Microsoft wanted to show that they have something other than Gears 3 available to Core gamers next year

the_1080p_guy2553d ago

@alphamale :
"most people are aware that it was a teaser trailer and that was it"

Didnt MS just say it was done in real-time using the game-engine?I think thats a real shame making up lies like that.On top of that, this 'turn 9' video seies director didnt give MS permission to use their clips.So it only gets worse in my opinion...

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phatak2553d ago

the thieves should be sued in american court

jriquelme_paraguay2553d ago

Turn10 stole something to Turn9...

jriquelme_paraguay2553d ago

whats Next... Microsoft stole "----" to MacroHardware?

Wenis2553d ago

Yeah you're right. Turn 10 stole the name from Turn 9, nevermind the fact Turn 10 was founded in 2001 and this Turn 9 web series started in 2010. derp derp

Elven62553d ago

Why would you respond to your own comment like that?

Forget to login to your multi or something? ;)

OT: Can anyone link to the videos? I'm not visiting a Gawker site after the hacking debacle. My info. :(

jriquelme_paraguay2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Dont see the joke?
What happen here on N4G... where is the Humor? Or i just dont know how the American Humor works... my bad.

Im american too... but south american.

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Christopher2553d ago

As easy as it would be to just point the finger and laugh like most others here, it happens more often than people think with every company.

I'm more disappointed that they used a live action teaser to rush the trailer out. Adding on that the footage used was from other sources really does nothing to sour the presentation for me.

iPad2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

If Sony did this with GT5, everyone will hate them.

Parapraxis2553d ago

Maybe they'll grow up a bit when they Turn 11.

peeps2553d ago

lol that was so bad it was good

dragon822553d ago

LOL. Funniest thing I have read all day.

fierysensation2553d ago

@wenis~ if you read the article, the writer asked the makers of the original clip said they never gave permission to MS to use it. Which means MS did use the footage without prior notice. And that is equivalent to stealing.

kenkaniff2553d ago

Let me know when Forza has rally racing, Nascar, Benz Academy or kart racing. Why bash GT5? Just enjoy Forza while others enjoy GT5.

creeping judas2553d ago

Lets just be real about this, the road racing in GT5 is awesome, the Benz academy is awesome, and so is the kart racing. The rally and the nascar just really, really, really suck.

dragon822553d ago

The only reason Rally and Nascar sucks is because its too hard for you right? I play GT5 with the Logitech Driving Force GT and the Rally and Nascar racing is fantastic.

creeping judas2553d ago

My driving force wheel is on it's way, it might make a difference on Nascar, but it won't on the rally. The rally and I dont care how many disagree's I get is just a joke and has always been a joke.

Theoneneo812553d ago Show
thewhoopimen2553d ago

what's with all these phantom disagrees. Are there really 10 Microsoft employees trolling this site? lol

Ilikegames762553d ago

There really are, and most of them are multiple accounts from one or two people. Just read their comment history and you'll have an idea of their background.

Kon_Artist 2553d ago

Whaaaaa how dare you guys accuse ms of stealing.

No Way2553d ago

First post on a x360 article from a PS3 Fanboy?!
What else did I expect? It's N4G.

thewhoopimen2552d ago

Actually no. It's not just N4G. It's called the Department of Justice and the countless lawsuits that MS has gotten over the years for patent and trademark infringements.

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-Mezzo-2553d ago

Microsoft,Microsoft,Microsoft, ...... When Will You Learn.

ksense2553d ago

i remember when they used ps3 final fantasy 13 gameplay footage to advertise the xbox version lol

What else you expect they were getting blown away by the amount of ps3 exclusives being announced for 2011 so they put together something quick to show they have another exclusive lol

-Alpha2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I wonder if they rushed this trailer to replace the void left by Gears last minute.

We know they pulled Gears for whatever reason (if it was already on the show list, I don't know), but maybe this was a last minute add-in.

We don't know for *sure* if Microsoft stole this. One of the users below makes a good point that these trailers are given to advertisement studios who may have stolen, but it's clear someone F'ed up.

IneedWeed2553d ago

Don't know why they took out Gears 3 Since they had commercial ads of NPH saying that it was going to be on VGA. Very little support of MS showed to VGA, maybe because they know people watching VGA don't care about Kinect.

As for the video, someone probably stole it, but thought it was an "accident". MS has to announce more games to catch up in 2011.

peeps2553d ago



After all the only 'gameplay' footage was from the camera mode at the end of the trailer, similar footage to what they showed at E3 in regards to using kinect to look around cars in forza 3.5/4/kinect or whatever it was going to be.

Could have chucked together the trailer in an afternoon tbh

benighted death2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Fryday...Thats what i was thinking of....and thats ten times worst! Simply because they stole a microsoft exclusive just to make people believe thats a sony game!!!!Lol but you know the sony fanboy wont admit it!

dragon822553d ago

My favorite was when they used the LittleBigPlanet theme song in an Xbox Live commercial not long after LittleBigPlanet released.

Rattlehead202553d ago

@ Dragon82

Actually that LBP 'theme song' is actually a song called 'Get it Together' by a band named 'The Go! Team'

The rights to the song are owned by the band and the record label. NOT LBP or Media Molecule.

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cossie1232553d ago

nope i see no footage stolen

Greek God2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

of course not zombie
...wait you actually made me lol
here a bubble^^

ksense2553d ago

looks like someone is in denial

commander2553d ago

Do see a doctor right now. I do not want to be driving on the same streets as you

Relientk772553d ago

LOL stolen footage omg thats hilarious

Why didn't they just buy it like they do everything else


Megaton2553d ago

Buying is plan B. Stealing is plan A. That pretty much sums up how they've acquired everything they have.

Relientk772553d ago

LMAO haha thats like the best comment ever dude nice

GamerSciz2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

FYI this holds truth. Bill Gates started Windows on a lie. He sold the idea of a DOS interface to IBM before he even had it himself. He bought it off the black market practically. But that's another story...

"On August 12, 1981, after negotiations with Digital Research failed, IBM awarded a contract to Microsoft to provide a version of the CP/M operating system, which was set to be used in the upcoming IBM Personal Computer (PC). For this deal, Microsoft purchased a CP/M clone called 86-DOS from Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products for less than US$100,000, which IBM renamed to PC-DOS. Microsoft did not have an operating system when they closed the deal with IBM and IBM hadn't done their homework."

Otheros002553d ago

Didn't know that.

*claps very slowly at M$*

Nitrowolf22553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


This is just sad
would it have killed them to contact them, or pay people to go film this themselves????