Gameloft's iOS Games: Homage or Knock-Off?

Chris Winters writes: Imitation is often regarded as the sincerest form of flattery. For as long as mankind has pursued creative endeavors, we’ve built upon and paid tribute to those who have done things before us, via satire, reference, or homage.

However, there comes a point when using someone else’s idea stops being a respectful tribute and becomes a plain knock-off. In this instance, I’m talking about iOS developer Gameloft.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall2718d ago

Cash-in's, although I welcome them they all seem to have a good level of quality:

N.O.V.A = Halo
Modern Combat = Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Hero of Sparta = God of War
Gangstar = Grand Theft Auto
Shadow Guardian = Uncharted
Zombie Infection = Resident Evil
Eternal Legacy = Final Fantasy

SwiftArsonist2717d ago

i could care less if they are clones. all of those games (cod, uncharted etc) copied something from games before them so why bash Gameloft? Their games are beautiful games and ill continue to support them.