Dead PlayStations get made into pens

If you have decided to bin off the old dog (PS2) in preference for a PS3 then there is the question of what to do with it. You could just sling it in the bin, but that's not very environmentally friendly. What about recycling it and then using the plastic to make pens? That's what they're doing in China, where it would appear enough people have disposed of their consoles to melt down and get reformed as a batch of ballpoints.

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mighty_douche4088d ago

better than just binning them i guess.... i heard that they're using old xbox 1's as housing in third world contries lol!

HandShandy4088d ago

I'm not sure the local fire safety watchdog would approve of having such "unstable products" to build the houses.

That aside... you could just hollow out an Xbox and put a door on the front and you got yourself a mansion!!! hehe

Hahaha no wait.. I have more Xbox Jokes.

The PS3 may look like a fridge door but the Xbox is only good for holding doors open! hahah

Oh that's awful... please forgive me.

mighty_douche4088d ago

bubbles for you my friend!!

CRIMS0N_W0LF4088d ago

Why would I recycle PS2 or throw it away when it can play more games then Xbox and X360 put together?

mighty_douche4088d ago

they need pens to you know!! lol

nirwanda4088d ago

hope they now write better than they used to read

Mario184088d ago

They use 360 to make heaters.

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