Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception versus Uncharted 2 Among Thieves: Screenshot Comparison

GB: "Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was recently teased, officially announced and demoed too! So a lot has happened last week, so we decided to stack up Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception against Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Uncharted 2 is undoubtedly one of the finest looking games this generation and it will be tough for Naughty Dog to beat that threshold. However, Drake’s Deception looks absolutely gorgeous."

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halocursed2748d ago

Oh Man!! Drake looks so much better in Uncharted 3. I wonder if they updated the engine?

Seijoru2748d ago

Lol of course they updated it, they aren't activision.

lociefer2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

WTF , how the hell did they top uc2 xD , i mean, godamn look at their facial expressions,its terrifyingly realistic

Ratchet5102748d ago

Lol that is true because Activiion decreased their graphics in every new game they do lol.

MerkinMax2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Does Drake have some man boobs starting to form? Maybe he lost some muscle mass because they look a little saggy. haha

DatNJDom812747d ago

If both consoles are equal as many bots and gaming sites say, then every other game this gen should be on par with this. There just aren't any excuse anymore. Naughty Dog, along with every other Sony 1st party developer, has shown what the PS3 is capable of. I'm not going to accept anymore gimped multiplats. Where's the 360's answer? No seriously all the bots are quick to say 360 has superiorzz games, but where are they? I expect the answer to be sales....... as usual.

blumatt2747d ago

Well, Activision doesn't decrease the graphics every new game they do, but they sure did with Black Ops. I bought Black Ops and I was like "this looks WORSE than MW2." I was like how the hell did they go backwards with the graphics. MW2 looked decent, but Black Ops looks noticeably worse.

inveni02747d ago

Wait a minute...let me get this straight...

They topped Uncharted 2 AND made it 3D?

I wasn't aware that God worked for Naughty Dog...but it's the only explanation...

catguykyou2747d ago

The lighting/shadows look like it was overhauled. Adds much more detail and surprisingly makes Uncharted 2 seem "flat" in comparison.

NecrumSlavery2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

With the exception of the Helicopter Nepal pic, which still looks pretty awesome, the Uncharted 3 pics are so damn good that they are making Uncharted 2 look like Uncharted 1....And that game is still one of the best looking games ever. I have to say Naughty Gods have blessed us again..

If you haven't checked out the fire effects in the demo yet...They are better than CryEngine's fire..

ABizzel12747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Oh Drake you make my boxers wet.

Seriously though it's funny that Uncharted 3 is on par with and in some aspects better than Uncharted 2, and it has nearly a year of development to go.

The 2nd, 3rd, and last pic blow Uncharted 2 out of the water, and that's saying something since no game, has blown Uncharted 2 out of the water.

2747d ago
gam3fr33k2747d ago

Lighting does look even better and they worked on their side-character models. Drake more or less looks just as good as he did in Uncharted 2. I wouldn't say the engine got an overhaul cuz that Nepal pic with the heli looks stunning, although I think that comparison was showcasing the difference in the lighting as the shadows in the opposing pic looks really good. Kudos to Naughty Dog, keep up the good work, can't wait to see some sand gameplay!

RageAgainstTheMShine2747d ago

freaking softer and fine on top of detailed skins!!!

ND simply ahead of their game & wont relinquish their title!

DigitalAnalog2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I think the notion 3D is "downgrading" non-3D assets is entirely false. Stereoscopic 3D's only downgrade is by producing 2 images while reducing both resolution and frame-rate. Put it this way, if the game wasn't designed for 3D and then 3D was then implemented, then the only aspect of the game that would suffer is the 3D itself. However, if the 3D was built from the ground up, then the engine is MUCH more optimized.

In other words, the better the S-3D effect, the better and more optimized the game-engine. So it's no surprise why there is such a jump by U3 from it's predecessor.

-End of Line

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lovestospoodge2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I loved UC2. just played it again. FREAKIN AWESOME

theonlylolking2747d ago

Surprising how there are no disagrees with your post...yet.

manman62747d ago

Love UC2
LOVE UC3 already

duplissi2747d ago

lol, me too! i just beat it again. now im going through uncharted 1 again.

inveni02747d ago

I always have an Uncharted 2 game going. Right now, my game is on crushing, and I've just found the stone.

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Christopher2747d ago

Big thing that stood out to me in the trailer was the flapping of drake's scarf as he looked out over the dunes. Wish I was as talented as the people working on this game.

visualb2747d ago

its not always about talent...

usually its about hard work...

jneul2747d ago

in this case nd have both^^^ sorry but no noob could put together a game like this

The_Devil_Hunter2747d ago

Thats the power of the Playstation 3.

Christopher2747d ago

I'd rather give credit to the developers and not the platform. Talented developers can make a beautiful game on any stable platform. If Naughty Dog ever went multiplatform, I'd wait with abated breath to see what they could do with more than just the PS3. Surely it would shine brightly on both consoles.

NecrumSlavery2747d ago

I see youre playng the middle ground and that's very alphamale of you...and not to sound trollish....but...unless you can show me a multiplat game that looks better and performs better in all areas than Uncharted 2..I'll agree with you. The devs are great, but it really is about the technology. Awesome developers and space age technology = win...

Eamon2747d ago

True, but you need a suitable platform to be able show off such results anyway.

The_Devil_Hunter2747d ago

Yes obviously some credit to naughty dog should be given. Like I stated before Naughty Dog are my favorite and in my opinion one of the best devs this generation.

It only does....Naughty Dog.

RedDevils2747d ago

Did Cgoodno bubbles himself up with his multiple accounts to get that much bubbles? What a naive comment coming from his part

XabiTheHumble2747d ago

@cgoodno Developers aren't God. Contrary to popular belief, if developer has hit the limit of a platform, thats it.

Ducky2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Show me another ps3 exclusive that is on the same level as UC3. It's the developper's hardwork that produces these results.

The credit is NaughtyDog's because they are really working with mostly outdated hardware (the cell is still a beast, but theres a lot of limitation from the other hardware)

That's not to say that it isn't amazing what the PS3 can squeeze out, it's just, the people squeezing it must have godly strength to be squeezing so much out of it. =)

I still have trouble believing thats an in-engine image. Looks like cgi.

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hiredhelp2747d ago

hey guys as much as i love this and would like to jump on this boat of wow it looks better. i have to make such a obvious point. these pictures cannot be compar5ed. there both from differnt background lighting scenes. so your gonna get change. however one thing that is clear is theres alot more color in the face of uncharted 3. this good thing. but its gonna be better looks wise. just next time if you gonna do a match make sure you have a very simular background so lighting can also be matched.

frostypants2747d ago

Wow. A piece that doesn't totally suck. Nice job fellas.

That said, they're no doubt still working on the Uncharted 3 graphics, but they are looking nice. A bit cleaner/less muddled than the last one.

Drake needs more stubble though. :-)

FinalSpartan2747d ago

my eyes! beautiful visuals.

badz1492747d ago

ND is INSANE! there...

Vherostar2747d ago

Hmm anybody else look at that first pic and think Drakes changed a little too much?? Looks like a completely different person now.

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cyborg2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

so much better before I went through this comparison. ND, you are legends. I can't wait.

ShAkKa2747d ago

Good is an understatement ;)

Pandamobile2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Some (most) of the comparison shots are from pre-rendered cut scenes.

Where's the point in that?

gameseveryday2748d ago

Those are not pre rendered screens, you need to read this:



Pandamobile2748d ago

They're still pre-rendered scenes.

Most of the cut-scenes in Uncharted 2 are pre-rendered (check the menu. Any of the story cut scenes you can instantly jump to are pre-rendered movie files.

Yes, it might be rendered in-engine with in-game assets, but that doesn't equal a realtime recording.

psb2748d ago

ND confirmed that everything was in-engine and actual gameplay

gameseveryday2748d ago


I disagree with you. Every cutscene of Drakes Fortune and Among Thieves were not pre rendered. They were all running in real time and Drakes Deception is no different.

Between I think you need to play both of the games, cause I think you havent :)

MAJ0R2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Kojima could have learned a thing or two from ND when he made MGS4's cutscenes

Mac is OK2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

They are pre-rendered using the game's engine but they're still pre-rendered. The previous games also used pre-rendered scenes, and that's why the first comparison looks so different.

branchedout2748d ago

I don't believe Pandamobile is fanboying, just maybe the wording could be misinterpreted.

The graphics are in-game, I don't believe he's doubting that.
But, rather, a pre-rendered, or moreso "scripted" cutscene.

What Pandamobile wants to see is gameplay, with people pressing buttons and things happening on screen.

Pillville2747d ago

"Pre-rendered" and "Scripted" are completely different things.

blumatt2747d ago

Exactly. The cutscenes in Uncharted 2 are ran with the in-game engine and are rendered at the same time you are watching it. It's NOT pre-rendered. Of course, realistically, except for bragging rights, it doesn't really matter if it's pre-rendered or not, since it's just a cut scene. The difference is the PS3 can do graphics like this in REALTIME and thus doesn't HAVE to be pre-rendered. It's all about showing the power of the PS3.

Dnied2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

"Pre-rendered" and "Scripted" are completely different things.

Different yes, but its not "one or the other"

It's like people don't know what pre-rendering is.. common lol

These are in-game visuals, but it was PRE RENDERED meaning put together ahead of time, not shown AS someones playing (like on Jimmy Fallon, which was of the same quality anyway)

It's still what we'll see realtime, but this is pre-rendered and there were pre-rendered cutscenes in UC2 as well, how do you think they managed to make the game with 0 loadscreens? they load the next set of data while a cutscene is going because the cutscene is pre-rendered meaning not running realtime, leaving the system's resources free to do other things.

I'm no techy so correct me If I'm wrong but I believe what I'm saying is right

BTW you can tell if it's pre-rendered or not because if you change Drake's skin to one of those other custom skins, the skin won't be in the cutscene. Some of them are realtime and you'll still have the skin, but when it's a pre-rendered cutscene, you'll see normal Drake no matter what because it's playing a video taht was "rendered previously"

...this is in no way a bad thing, it's actually really fkin smart and all devs should use them in this way imo

DatNJDom812747d ago


Denial is a bitch huh

NateCole2747d ago

Panda is correct in that uncharted custscenes are pre rendered movies using in-game assets.

How do i know?. If you put on a skin in Uncharted and play until a cutscene it will revert back to the original Drake because its a movie file being played. You guys should try it out.

Now i see someone mentioned MGS4. MGS4 uses completely in-game assets gameplay engine to make their custscenes. Thats why you can pan and interact with custscens in MGS4. Also if for example you are wearing the otocamo maks in MGS4 as soon as you get to a cutscene you will see it in the custscene. Kojima right from the begining never used FMV or post processing for his MGS games custscenses. Thats why the transition between gameplay and cutscenes are seamless in most cases.

In the end it dosen't matter. U3 will be the graphics king. I think the trailer is a mixed of both but no one can deny they all look out of this world amazing.

Pandamobile2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

36 people disagreeing with a fact? Wow. I guess that's N4G for you.

You can see DIVX compression artifacts in the story cutscenes for christ sake.

In dark scenes you can see splotches of color that you'd only see in a video file.

Also notice how from the game menu, the scenes load instantly whereas the actual game takes 20-30 seconds to load.

fishd2747d ago

Panda is right , Uncharted's cut scenes are pre rendered in order to reduce loading times , but the differences between the real time visual vs the pre rendered cutscenes aren't that huge .

Fast forward to U3...this time around the difference between ingame stuff vs prerendered ctscenes seems to be huge , I mean look at that desert scene!!! it looks as good as FFXIII's CG cutscenes!

If U3 looks remotely close to that I will fly to ND's office and give everyone a blowjob!but hey if there is anyone who can pull that off on consoles , that would be ND .

Eamon2747d ago

They are pre-rendered cutscenes but they were all made within the engine.

ND said they use pre-rendered cutscenes so they can add special effects in it and have. But it's still using the actual 3D models from the game. It's not CGI.

This isn't smoke and mirrors. It's real graphics.

frostypants2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

These cutscenes may use slightly improved character models (makes sense, since they are much more close-up), but they are NOT pre-rendered. They are hardware-rendered on the fly. Think along the lines of replay mode in the GT games.

"Pre-rendered" implies they are pre-recorded movie files. Pretty sure they are not.

Edit: Maybe I'm wrong. Meh.

Js2Kings2747d ago

They are pre-rendered.

I know because say the doughnut Drake skin. His voice changes in tone in game but not in the cut scenes.

Plus if You notice, cut scenes usually transition to another place. If in was real-time, the game would have to load it up after the scene, else it would take a lot of memory and cpu to load up two+ places.

shadow27972747d ago

Most of Uncharted's cutscenes are prerendered, Naughty Dog has said this several times (including a few days ago on the PSBlog). This means they are pre-recorded video files, which let's them load the next section of the game while you watch the cutscene.

BUT they are rendered with the game engine and use in game assets. There are no high rez character models. You see the same models as you would during gameplay. Now as for anti-aliasing and added effects, I don't know.

But its irrelevant if they're prerendered or not as long as you're comparing like-for-like. From this comparison, we can see that the lighting model has been revamped. Sully looks ten times better. Textures and draw distance may also have been improved - hard to tell. That is the point. We're comparing the engines of the two games. There's even a comparison of gameplay shots for good measure. They still look amazing.

Bathyj2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Do you guys even know what Pre Rendered means?
It means its NOT rendered in realtime or "on the fly" and generally refers to CGI.

Uncharteds cutscenes are all Realtime, with in-game assets. Post production effects may be added because since its a scripted situation the engine doesnt have to worry about AI, controller inputs, heavy physics or many of the other things that happen during actual gameplay.

Its just like someone else said. Its no different from GT's replays which are all realtime, rendered by the game engine.

And dont confuse Scripted with Pre recorded or Pre Rendered, because they arent the same thing. If your charactor is walking (on your instructions from the controller) and then he falls down a hole and rubs his ankle and you are no longer in control of that, that is a scripted event, but it was not pre rendered. The graphics didnt change, you werent yanked from the game and thrust into a cutscene. It was just a set piece.

Bottomline is, it cant be Pre Rendered AND Realtime.
Thats like saying something is both wet and dry.
One negates the other, and please dont bring up Martini's.

NateCole2747d ago


I am not sure but i think ND confirmed that U2 major cutscenes are pre-recorded video files. However they used the in-game engine and all assets to make these movies with post effects added later. This is my understanding. Therefore they are not rendered in real time using the in-game engine. ND since Jak used this method to load the game so as to eliminate any loading times.

What i forgot to mentioned though is there are small/minor cutscenes that are in fact rendered in real time in-engine in U2. The ones that last a couple of secs especially in-between action scenes. You notice that their facial movements is not as good and they are fairly far away from the camera. I believe this is the same method ND used for the co-op MP mission cutscenes.

Either way you really have to take a double check look to tell the difference. Some of the textures and animation gives it away but overall it's still hadr to tell. I think its pointless in any case as U3 just looks way above anything we have seen even in gameplay. Heck U2 still looks better than all games except for GOW3 which even then is debateable.

duplissi2747d ago

lol, lets be technical now pandamobile... lol they are rendered with the ingame engine then recorded only to cover load times. in other words they are identical to the real-time visuals, just stand drake next to a wall or something then move the camera so that it is forced to come close to drake and then youll see.

iagainsti1202747d ago

panda is right if you you can see the video artifacts and if you look at the back of the Game of the Year box art it clearly says Divx

shadow27972747d ago

Straight from the horse's mouth (4 days ago):

The cutscenes are NOT real-time. Otherwise, ND wouldn't be able to load in the next stage while the cutscene is playing.

Please don't make me dig up every instance they've said it. They are pre-rendered, it's in-game assets, and it's in engine. It's really not that difficult.

It doesn't mean they can't be rendered in real-time, but they aren't. Real-time means it's being rendered while it's playing. Uncharted does not do that for most of their cutscenes.

Now can we let it rest?

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jammydude2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

You are right, but do you know why they are prerendered? The sole purpose is so that they mask loading times between 'stages'. Those scenes could be (and are) accomplished in real time on the PS3. I'm not just making this up here they stated, when making UC2, the cut scenes were done in real time on the development platform ps3s in engine using gameplay assets.

@people disagreeing with Panda
He understands it looks exactly like that in the actual game, exactly like that, no added AA or filters, but he is saying the scenes are prerecorded - which they are. They are done so to mask loading times between stages. However these scenes are achieved in real-time on the devs PS3 SDKs.

Finalfantasykid2748d ago

I hope that in UC3 they up the bit rate for the pre-rendered videos because whenever there was a pre-rendered cutscene, they were always washed out, and I could see some artifacting. I would actually go as far to say that the real-time footage looks better than the pre-rendered videos for this reason(except for the animations, which are superior in the pre-rendered scenes).

Drekken2748d ago

Panda, that makes it less impressive? It is still made from the in game engine. They are pre-rendered to mask loading times and tell a story. It's still okay with you PC guys if console games tell stories, right?

The point in comparisons is to show the advancement that ND has once again made with their game engine. Why knock it?

CryofSilence2747d ago

Your avatar says it all. TF2 assassin troll face.

OpenGL2747d ago

Why all the disagrees? The cutscenes are pre-rendered in-engine to cover up loading in the background. Fanboys are definitely in denial, but I'm not exactly sure why. Uncharted 2 is still currently the best looking game on consoles, and Uncharted 3 will probably be the first to truly surpass it.

Pandamobile2747d ago

Fanboys gonna fanboy.