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Submitted by rivithed 1879d ago | news

Walmart offering PlayStation 3 160GB with $100 gift card, Wii with $75 gift card this Friday

Walmart is offering up some great savings this Friday. As part of its “Toys and More” savings event, both the PlayStation 3 and Wii game systems will include Walmart gift cards with significant value. The PlayStation 3 160GB Video Game System ($299) will include a $100 Walmart Gift Card. Walmart will also be offering Nintendo Wii bundles (White, Black, Red) with a $75 Walmart Gift Card. (Industry, PS3, Wii)

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Spawn-KING  +   1879d ago
Arup02  +   1879d ago
Get out.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   1879d ago
if i didn't already own a ps3, i would jump all over this.
RememberThe357  +   1879d ago
I don't see why you would get disagrees, this is a great deal.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   1879d ago
hell if i know lol.cooler minds never prevail on n4g.

if it ain't a fanboy rant defending your console of choice, while degrading the the other, it doesn't make sense on n4g.
crazyturkey  +   1879d ago
Buying a new one to replace the old one in my room that just broke down a few weeks ago.

By the way, I hope not many people see this so that I can be 100% sure that I will manage to buy one tomorrow before they sell out.
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xTruthx  +   1879d ago
lol xD
AnonUser5555  +   1879d ago
Damn sorry to hear about your dead ps3.

I just bought a new ps3 today via the bestbuy deal so that I can sell my 80gb PS3 (w/ PS2 BC) on ebay BEFORE it craps out. I can get close to $300 for it so I can put that money right toward the 160gb ps3 i bought today.

I've already had to replace the power source on it, and I've had this ps3 for over 3 years. Decided to sell while it still had value...
Arup02  +   1879d ago
LoL Here in Brazil they sell PS3's at $500 or more
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JacobIsHollywood  +   1879d ago
What a story, Mark...
nevin1  +   1879d ago
Its the price when converted to US dollars?

Anyway, good deal on Walmart part for those looking to get their 1st PS3 or 2nd.
OhReginald  +   1879d ago
when the deal starts the ps3s will be sold out online in 10 minutes or less...seriously...
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Gamerfans  +   1879d ago
this will fit nice in my master bedroom along with one downstairs.
cubed  +   1879d ago
is this deal in canada as well?
poopface1  +   1879d ago
wow, those are some great deals
alot of credit given out these days.
Chapulin  +   1879d ago
Damn I just got the Gamestop GOW Collection PS3 on Black Friday. Thought it was not getting better than that.
tubers  +   1879d ago
Wow! I have to go to walmart tom :) Never owned a PS3.. or.. maybe just save for a new vid card xD W/e xD
AnonUser5555  +   1879d ago
For those of you who missed it, Best Buy has the following deal:

160gb PS3 for $299
-Modnation Racers
-LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition
-Cars (Disney Pixar) Blu ray
-$50 gift card

Thats the deal i took to replace my 3+ year old 80gb system

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