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Submitted by foldedintoboats 1880d ago | preview

1...2...3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby) hands-on preview -

BeefJack: "To paraphrase Pixar, KICK IT! (look, I’m not typing that full title every time) isn’t about flying so much as falling with style. Plummeting through a cold blue sky, twisting your way around the giant floating obelisks some idiot left hanging there. You’ll show him. Slipping through narrow gaps, jinking from side to side as smaller blocks hurtle past you, darting between spinning beams with your score rocketing upwards all the while and ow that hurt. Honking great yellow cube right to the face. No time to think about it: you’re still falling. Start again." (1...2...3...Kick it! Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby, PC)

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