Nintendo hardware sales drop in Japan - PS3 modest growth following Bladestorm release

Sales of Nintendo hardware have fallen in Japan, where the DS handheld has shifted less than 100,000 units for the first time this year.

Despite the drop in sales, the DS still leads the market with 94,339 consoles sold for the week ended September 2. Nintendo's Wii sold 39,371 for the same period, according to recent data from Media Create.

Sony's PlayStation 3 was the only console in the region to record improved sales, with 18,068 consoles sold – in the same week that Koei's PS3 title Bladestorm entered the all-formats charts at number two by selling 58,996 copies.

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JCITY4113d ago

that's pretty low for nitendo...if they don't come out with some good games....nobody is going to be buying them no more...i don't play my wii ..i think im going to sell it..i've been saying that the wii is a gamecube in disguise...same games

BloodySinner4113d ago

Nice to see someone finally sees the truth about the console.

Bathyj4113d ago

I haven't played with my Wii since a month after it launched.

Thats not a urine handling joke, its a reflection of what a piss weak console Wii is.

Wii is piss weak, ha, thats fkn funny.

cooke154113d ago

After the flops that are lair and heavanly sword.. ps3 really could use some games. Maybe thats a reason why its the worst selling console.

Rockstar4113d ago

Apparently you can see into the future, GJ!
HS a flop?
Funny, I can see the future too.
Only the future I see has HS moving PS3's off of the shelves for the same reason some of you Xboxians (hehe) criticize it. It does remind a lot of people of GOW and GOW has many PS2 fans out there.

So my future has this game and the PS3 selling quite well.
We'll see who's right (me) and who's wrong (you).

Perhaps not "flying off the shelves" but selling quite well.

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Dogswithguns4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

....Im having more fun playing with my own little wee(if youknow what I mean).

cooke154113d ago

You are joking right? :|

Maddens Raiders4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Woke up this morning to see the earth returning to normal tilt. Now only if terrorist bombings and that global warming thing would go away..... o_0

Dogs with guns -- that is bold, just bold my

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The story is too old to be commented.