Family and friends beg games industry analyst Michael Pachter to 'find a real job'

Concerned friends and family of analyst Michael Pachter, one of the internet’s most commonly quoted sources of games industry speculation, spoke to us today to express their unease with his progressing ‘career.’

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Nitrowolf22623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I agree
His prediction are just either something of the obvious, or just way off. I'm not saying he should quite ( i encourage it though), but if this is his only job then wow

anyway i don't think this is real, unless someone can correct me

InFAMOUS12623d ago

This guy is a senior analyst for a investment firm's entertainment division that is ranked #1 by Forbes.. While I agree some of the stuff he says is complete non sense or just plain obvious, he is however making boat loads of money. This is on top of the fact that we only hear a minor fraction of what he predicts, most of which will remain confidential to his company and their clients... I call BS to this article, mainly because Michael Patcher is just NOT that important for 'old' friends and family to talk publicly about the guy... He ain't Brad Pitt..

Genesis52623d ago

Or at least find one he's good at.

DERKADER2623d ago

This so called "friend" who hasn't even spoken to Pachter since 07 sounds jealous if you ask me. So now we're going to have news articles just about people who used to know Pachter and want recognition for it, great.

RememberThe3572623d ago

This is a joke. From the article's comments:

GamesRadarTylerWilde - 1 hour 21 minutes ago
It's so real, it's not. At all.

Lightsaber2623d ago

I agree with InFAMOUS. They guy is most likely really good at his job. Plus the fact the a lot of the "quotes" are fake or way out of contexted.

2623d ago
Nitrowolf22623d ago

and i take back about what i said about him needing to look for another job, because this is something he loves doing. I would hate to be told that i should get a real job, because what i do isn't considered real.
but still that doesn't change the BS that comes out of his mouth.

Anon19742623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

This is ridiculous. As much as I find some of his predictions questionable - his reports aren't. The work that firms like Wedbush Morgan provide often goes ignored because it's generally not publicly available. The stock reports these type of analyst firms produce are usually only available to investment firms, brokerage houses, banks, etc at a hefty price tag. A few years ago when I was working in the securities industry I came across a report that had Pachters name on it giving it's recommendations on EA's stock. It was about a 60 page document looking at sales trends, upcoming titles, performance, forward looking statements, strategy, income breakdown, etc. That's the type of work that these types of analysts are paid for, and it's a well respected position. The entire financial services industry, and the markets themselves, depend on the work that these types of research firms do to keep the people who look after finances informed, because there's no way they can do all those types of in depth research on every investment out there themselves.

The problem is someone started to have Pachter make overall industry predictions years ago and he did. It made a good soundbite and suddenly they're asking him for more predictions. He probably started doing it just for the hell of it - but that type of information isn't what brokerage firms are paying millions to get their hands on. I sometimes wish Pachter would just focus on making reports for brokers and stop making these types of overall industry predictions. You can bet this isn't what Wedbush Morgan is paying him for, he's just doing it for the attention now.

Although you never know. Wedbush might like the publicity he's getting now.

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HolyOrangeCows2623d ago

It's a joke, obviously (He makes wouldn't really be criticizing him like this), but the points being made aren't.
Funny article.

1 of 1000000 Pachter's predictions become true and 1/2 of those are only true because he repeats them until they actually happen (Because they're inevitable...for example, he predicted that the Ps3 would drop in price for an entire year, when it finally happened at E3).

Bigpappy2623d ago

I find him entertaining. When it comes to the numbers, he does have access to info though, so I have to respect that. He seems to be enjoying his life. Rather some "friend" sees it as a real job is completely irrelevant.

JoeReno2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

This is the funniest thing I've read on N4G in a long time. I welcome more of this kind of stuff. Nice break from the sales numbers, and my rig is better than yours stuff.

CrzyFooL2623d ago

But ... my rig IS better than yours. :-)

cereal_killa2623d ago

Or at least find one he's good at.

Well let's see he full of sh!t, lies and is always wrong sounds like politics is in his future.

I have yet to understand why his crap is always approved on N4G the only time he is right is when it is sooooo obvious even HHG could predict the same crap.

jack_burt0n2623d ago

To the front page and beyond!!!!!!!

Life lesson: If you spread FUD expect to eat FUD.

Its character assassination week on ;)

Leio2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

I beg someone else to smack this guy out of his job for the insults he inflicted to Gaming Industry.

gman_moose2622d ago

Damn, I was so hoping this was real. I wish the guy would just go away... I'm sick of him, and his head is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

He went from humble, geeky investment analyst to wanna be celebrity who talks about all the free stuff he gets from game companies and the after parties at E3. The guy is out of control. GT giving him his own frickin show certainly didn't help things either.

For him to go away, he needs to be ignored. But it won't happen with people writing about his predictions all the time. He's never right anyway... why does anyone care?

Christopher2622d ago

I hope people understand this is a joke article.

No named estranged friend or family member. Ronald Boulder isn't a real person.

This shouldn't even be labeled as an opinion piece since it's a joke article. Or, I should say, a really bad attempt at a joke article.

Just lame.

visualb2622d ago

one thing is when some random person on the internet doubts your purpose in life...

however, when your family and friends doubt you...there's trouble =P

patcher, get a real job.

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Grenadan2623d ago

must be from all the death treats

Qui-Gon Jim2623d ago

Are those only available at Halloween?

turok2623d ago

just askin. if real, well now this is disturbing. if trolling this be epic trolling.

pixelsword2623d ago

It's an "opinion piece".

fasterthanu222623d ago

I actually have no idea. It would be so funny if this is true.

pwneddemocrat2623d ago

poker night
Dudes: hey, pachter what do you do for a living?
Pachter, ah well, since you've asked, i analyze the video game industry and give my opinions
Dudes: man, get the eff outta here.

Matthew942623d ago


this is priceless, guaranteed to be 1000 degrees soon.

UNCyrus2623d ago

It's true... I got a hearty LOL out of it

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