Strategy: Anatomy Of An Onslaught: How Halo 3 Attacked

Ten months in the making, Halo 3 went gold weeks before launch.

This week, Microsoft breaks its Halo 3 "Believe" TV ad campaign touting the Xbox 360 title's highly-anticipated Sept. 25 launch. The estimated $10 million-plus effort centers on an immaculately constructed diorama depicting the great battles of lead character Master Chief. With this as a backdrop, warriors that did battle with the game's hero provide testimonials as to his greatness in the ads created by McCann-Erickson, San Francisco.

The goal of the campaign is to bring Halo fans and nonfans up-to-speed as to where we are in Master Chief's epic battle to defeat the evil Covenant. While most major game titles begin their ad campaigns weeks before launch to build buzz, Halo 3 differs greatly. This mass-market push is actually the end of the of Halo 3 campaign.

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Effects Guardian3789d ago

Does this mean this week we're going to be seeing the new Halo 3 commercial ??

vettle13789d ago

thats what im wondering, havent seen it yet.

The Chief of Mjolnir3788d ago

Well, commercial or not, I´m still getting it.

jcgamer3788d ago

everyone post how you feel about it after seeing it, ok?

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