Joystiq: Ico remastered preview: Not too little, definitely not too late

Joystiq, "I'm going to say something now and I don't want you to get mad. Promise that you won't? Promise?! Okay, fine -- I've never played Ico. It just didn't happen. A mixture of procrastination and disc-read errors have conspired to keep me from the lauded PS2 classic."

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AKS2715d ago

Can't wait for this. It's unbelievable that I'm going to be able to get all of Team ICO's games in HD in 2011. That alone makes it a great year of gaming for me.

jack_burt0n2715d ago

ni no kuni
the last guardian

all in the same year on the same console.

showtimefolks2715d ago

GOW1-2 were awsome but teh cut scenses were still in standard
sly collection looks great
pop i am still waiting to buy on a disk on ebay for about 100 that's too much

if you are gonna do a hd-makeover

improve cut scenes
improve textures
character modle/enemies

gta 3,vc,sa
mgs 2-3

come on

Akagi2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

To improve cutscenes as they are pre-rendered FMV, they'd have to remake them. No easy feat.

Relientk772715d ago

I don't have Ico for PS2

So im looking forward to getting this game when it comes out

playnation2715d ago

can we expect new features in the games? or they r just direct convertions ?


As fas as HD remakes go I think none so far had new features (beyond remastered definition and maybe audio).

I didn't notice any new feature in GoW Collection. Although I didn't played Sly Collection, MoH remake or PoP Collection, I didn't heard of changes in any of those either.

But those are just the few first HD remakes and I don't think new features are ruled out (although definetely there isn't such requirement and honestly I can't think of much I would desire as new feature).

I belive chances are still there... 2011 they'll have not only Ico Collection, but also Dead Space Extraction will have an HD Remake for Move and Ubisoft is supposed to announce another HD collection (heard it was Splinter Cell first, than other people said it was Ghost Recon, I really don't know, file it under rumor), besides the other highly required games I heard of as Ratchet And Clank and Kingdom Hearts remakes, although the media never showed anything pointing towards neither of those. I don't know if Ico or SotC would be the games to implement new features, but maybe other HD remakes would. Wait and see.

DigitalRaptor2715d ago

The only new feature in the games is stereoscopic 3D.

rrw2715d ago

Trophy support
probably some bonus feature like behind the scene

PirateThom2714d ago

Sly had some Move compatible stuff thrown in as well.

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BaYo1822715d ago

i never got around this game in the PS2 era.. now is my chance to finally play this gems!! now if somebody can help me.... how should i play the game? should i play ico first or SoTC? cause i know SoTC is the prequel to the series... so.. by logic playing SoTC should come first right? RIIIIIIGHT?....

Arup022715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

It's not really like that. I will not spoil nothing, but the two series have something in common, but it's not necessary to play one first, and the play the other.I suggest you to play SoTC first, and after play ICO. You will see many things in common. But hey, if after you end both games, i suggest you go to this link: It will clarify many things. Cheers!

Cenobia2714d ago

ICO should be played first. That is the way they were meant to be played.

Personally I think that SotC will mean more if you play ICO first, as long as no one spoiled either game for you.

jdktech20102715d ago

I've never played it either but the problem is there are SO many games coming out next year that I just can't justify it.....maybe in the summer like may if The Old Republic isn't out by then but it's just so much money already tie dup

Bathyj2715d ago

Skip something else Dude, seriously.

And dont think of these as last gen games. They are TIMELESS.

jdktech20102715d ago

I get what you're saying and I'm not because I have the GOW collection and it's brilliant but I'm not skipping KZ3, DA2, The Old Republic, ME3, UC3, Gears 3

The only one I might skip is Resistance 3 because I've never played Resistance either (late PS3 adopter...360 first)

I'm not made of money and that will be stretching it as it is...I'm gonna try to get it in but man....we definitely won't go game hungry next year

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