New Japanese Book Asks Why PS3 "Failed"

The PS2 was the undisputed last gen winner. Going into the current generation, Sony had a huge leg-up momentum and brand-wise. Many pegged the PS3 as once again the winner, but the PS3 has so far failed to live up to expectations. Japanese game journalist Kiyoshi Tane lays out why the PlayStation 3 has been a bust in his new 207-page-book Why Did The PS3 Fail?. Tane, an editor at culture mag Continue, originally stated that the PS3 would be a success.

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Maddens Raiders4062d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

or as a spaz attack against the company that this guy touted so (((highly))) all this time even before launch way back when. As in, he thought they would just roll out of the gate kicking ass and taking names on Day 1 akin to the PS2's current and recent state.

Surely this guy is not that naive to think that the PS2 was an instant success. Or maybe he thought that Blu-Ray would dominate right away and that the Wii would fail. Still if these things were true and did happen it still wouldn't 'guarantee' victory for SNE. I think he's writing this more from frustration thatn anything else. I mean wouldn't it make more sense from a Japanese standpoint to write 'How the XBox failed?" Seriously I'm not saying that for spite, I'm just saying it in relation to his country of origin.

All in all 9.67 months on the market w/o even seeing the defined "heavy-hitters" or major system apps, is a bit premature Tane-san for a 200+ page dissertation. Laughing out loud. Maybe he's just mad that Warhawk is download only. All kidding aside, I think the PS3 will do just fine as long as the games keep coming and the prices keep dropping because everything else is A-OK. A failure already? Not hardly. 8D

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Food for thought:
oddly enough our friend eLiNeS writes:

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For your inquiring mind 'e', I did put that picture of one of the ballyhooed LBP characters just to show the sharp juxtaposition of this story and the gentleman's book, and how out of synch it is with reality. Read my first post for more clarity.
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Well, that was unexpected. My picture of the LBP character got removed by ????? N4G, I thought this was the last bastion of freedom and unbiased NEWS FOR GAMERS. Why remove my pic? That completely removes my editorial freelance which is afforded as a contribitor does it not? I didn't change the wording so why change my photo? The photo was for a powerful effect. Obviously it wasn't suiting you - but why?????? Hey secret guy at least say (((why))) you just posted a generic photo of a PS3. Come on guys don't go out like this.

N4G is not the place for censorship or is it --- this is the place where this isn't supposed to happen. It makes my edited comment to elines look awfully wierd doesn't it. Come on N4G. Don't make me ask for a BOYCOTT - LOL -- I guess you guys will just ban me then for even bringing it up. (!!!!!!!!!!!) What's Up!??????

Mr Marbles4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Failure is a relative term in the console war; however, the PS3 will almost certainly not win or be in first place this gen, and there are two reasons for this.

1. Games, PS3 will probably always have fewer games than 360, fewer demos on PSN than XBL, and PS3 will likely continue to get games after 360. Installed base will see to it that 360 remains the lead development platform.

2. The second reason is price, the PS3 will never be cheaper than 360, no matter how far the PS3 price drops, the 360 can and will go lower, M$ has more money, and the 360 has cheaper parts.

ItsDubC4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

You got away w/ posting a pic of a kid as the pic for that article (which is a lot less relevant than an LBP character is to this article) I assume as a condescending potshot at the Wii, so what're you complaining about?

EDIT @below:

You're right, I would have issues if I felt personally insulted. Everyone knows you've made condescending remarks about the Wii being for kids, so I think it's too late to deny your intent.

Maddens Raiders4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

I didn't 'get away' with anything. That pic was used because it is a picture of an innocent younster seemingly scratching his head in wonderment and confusion. The confusion relevant to the article I posted being why 3rd party developers are miffed w/ Ninty and why Ninty still pushes their 1st party to the degree that they do in this day and age. If you felt personally insulted or that I was being 'condescending' then you've got issues my friend. Take care.

Zhuk4062d ago

It sounds like a great book, I might have to pick it up

Maddens Raiders4062d ago

it's not a coloring book and there are no pictures of little naked boys playing the 360. Sorry.

progx4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Yeah maddens raiders that was pretty gay. Think about naked boys a lot do ya?

WIIIS14061d ago

This book has the potential to sell better than the PS3, just wait and see.

Skerj4062d ago

You might want to spell "Japanese" correctly before getting it approved?

Maddens Raiders4062d ago

*silly copy and paste* that's how Kotaku has it spelled. Shame on them haha.

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New Japenese Book Asks Why PS3 "Failed" --

Baba19064062d ago

i dont see ps3 failing but well thats just me. =D

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