In The Latest MK, It’s Less Scorpion Vs Sub-Zero, More Best Buy Vs GameStop

It has been revealed that both Scorpion and Sub Zero will have their original finishing moves, a la MK1, but to enjoy the former’s spine ripping finale, you’ll have to nab the game at Best Buy, and to net the latter’s full arsenal, you need to buy your copy at GameStop.

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MariaHelFutura2841d ago

It`s more break your f**kin neck and that`s all I care about.

crxss2841d ago

does that make Kratos Amazon?

3dawg2841d ago

if i read the thing right it looks like Amazon gets Reptile

n4f2841d ago

kratos is dlc

Gamehead362841d ago

exclusive fatalities?

this is a damn shame

kornbeaner2841d ago

BESTBUY wins Fatality. Sub-zero's head rip was the first fatality I learned. Forward, Down, Forward + HP (could be LP, it's been awhile). But overall the scheme of essentially charging for exclusive fatalities is ridiculous.

CobraKai2841d ago

I agree, I'm going with Best Buy for the spine rip. It's too iconic. More iconic than the flame breath. But this retail exclusive fatality nonsense is rediculous.

karl2841d ago

what? this is retarder

what happens if i want them all? =S

this exclusive content nonsense is getting out of hand

i hope it doesnt get worse in the future .. like exclusive FINALE or something like that

rezzah2841d ago

Theyll probably release the rest later on for a price.

Which will suck and wont be worth the it too...Unless you like spending extra for something thats already free?

karl2841d ago

i dont like spending money at all.. xDDD
but they always find a way to rip u off...

glad i im to poor to spend more money on DLC...

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The story is too old to be commented.