GameZone: Five 2010 Games to Play in December

GameZone's Shirley Chase takes a look at terrific but under-the-radar titles from earlier this year that you probably missed.

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Caspel2714d ago

Valkyrie Chronicles II is a great sequel, although I wish it was on the HD consoles.

wuvein2714d ago

Have to agree VC2 is an amazing game some nice added changes from the first one to bad it didnt make its way to PS3

teujip2714d ago

Agreed on VC2 - heard good things about trauma, and PB Winterbottom - but don't have a wii, and my steam/PS3 backlog is too high

alee2714d ago

Winterbottom is good. I need to spend more time playing it. I'd like to try the Sam & Max series

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The story is too old to be commented.