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SOCOM 4: A Better Experience For The Hardcore Fans

Despite all the MAG updates showered in from Zipper Interactive, the team behind the seal team objective based SOCOM 4, is looking to shake things up with their upcoming shooter while keeping the hardcore SOCOM fans right at home with what they know and love about the series. (PS3, SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs)

Joni-Ice  +   1630d ago
So excited for this game. Im a long-time Socom fan since S1.
mike9077  +   1630d ago
definitely one of my most anticipated titles for 2011 since this socom is being developed by zipper it will be the first true socom on the ps3 none of this laggy broken glitchy confrontation.
ilikestuff  +   1630d ago
SoooooCooooooooM! i love me some socom, ive been told confrontation sucked and i loved that game (it was the only one ive played) so im assuming that im in for a treat with socom 4
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himdeel  +   1630d ago
I really want Zipper to give us a demo this year but I know it's not happening :(
morganfell  +   1630d ago
Has anyone attacking Confrontation played the game recently? You will find it isn't the same game that launched. It isn't the same game it was 4 months after launch. A great deal of listening went into all the updates and right now that game is really tight.

It just didn't get the breaks other titles did when they had their faults overlooked.
BattleAxe  +   1630d ago
I'm looking forward to seeing more on this game, but I don't think its going to have the magic that all of the Socoms on the PS2 had. This is going to be a completely different formula.


You gotta stop sticking up for Confrontation. It was really bad when it was released, but I do agree its a better exerience nowadays. The problem is that there are alot of other games that are out and that are comming out that people have more fun playing. Besides, most of the people on Confrontation are a bunch of jerks that have no patients for newer players, and theres way more smack talk then there ever was on Socom 2, 3 and CA. Its just a crappy community these days.
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MeanOldman  +   1630d ago
Got to agree with the morg. SoCOM is not the same game that came out. An no more smack talking than they had in the others, S2 included. Most the people still playing are past the smack talk and are actually dedicated dudes.
badz149  +   1630d ago
can't wait
my first SOCOM was the one on PSp but don't really like the control. then I got Confrontation for the headset and although so many complaint on the game, I think it's pretty ok. tbh, I've never once struck with the problem and I'm actually clueless about all the fuss about it. and then there is this thing called "SO MANY NEW GAMES" comes out, I barely have time for MP only games like this and Warhawk and that's the reason I'm not on MAG. but SOCOM 4 is shaping to be a great game with the highly acclaimed creator Zipper on the wheel, I'm pumped. call me strange or whatever, but I'm looking forward to the SP campaign. maybe this is the game I will buy the nav controller for MOVE for.
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MariaHelFutura  +   1630d ago
Does anyone know if Multiplay has re-gen health?

Cause I don`t want that.....at all.
joydestroy  +   1630d ago
can't remember the last time a multiplayer shooter had something other than regen health...
MariaHelFutura  +   1630d ago
No Socom has ever.

I saw re-gen health in the SP (which I don`t mind) but if it`s in the MP than this isn`t Socom.
killcycle  +   1630d ago
Regen health encourages players to run whilst losing then return for a second chance.

I agree 100%. Socom FTB on psp didn't have health regen and that was one of it's greatest aspects.
krauler  +   1630d ago
for me, no regen health makes the game much more intense. It's the way it should be.
Dnied  +   1630d ago
good old counterstrike.

How I miss the days of HP :(
Ps_alm3k  +   1630d ago
Yes only cod should be allowed health regen. ?
FanboyPunisher  +   1630d ago
S1 fan bullcrap,
Any true vet is upset with the direction S4 is going, I am...Socom turned mainstream - S4.

NoOoB101  +   1630d ago
I agree Punisher.
It looks like SP is going mainstream. But they said MP will be different from SP so I'm still hoping they stick to old school socom in MP. So far I just don't know yet =/
Bloodraid  +   1626d ago
Being a long-time fan of the Socom series, I honestly don't give a damn what they do to the single player (as no one bought the original games for single player anyway. So it can only get better).

However, no matter what they do with the online mode, I hope they do a few things.

1. Keep the lobby system - (It's a shame most games have ditched these now).
2. Bring back classic maps - (Or at least the classics like Frost Fire, Crossroads, Desert Glory, Fishhook, etc. [Although, it'd be better if they brought all of them back from 1-3]).
3. Classic-mode - (Basically; no health regeneration, level requirements, melee, perks, vehicles, etc. Just keep a lobby open for classic Socom).
scar20  +   1630d ago
I want it so bad.

*During the podcast it was mentioned that cover will be fully destructible.*I'm sold.

Is there a release date yet?
gon-freaks  +   1630d ago
Sometime in March of 2011 but I think it will get pushed back.
IPUMPMYGUN  +   1630d ago
Gon-Freaks: Why would Zipper Interactive push back the game even more? They already did it once or twice. From what other people are saying here, Zipper is almost finished the game.
Dmd  +   1630d ago
I hope you are wrong! Can't wait for this game any longer!
Shadowolf  +   1630d ago
Based on the interview, Zipper is more than 85% complete with the game. Most of what the development team has been implementing lately has been ironing out the game faults and hiccups making it a problem free play-through. You can never have too much polishing.
Venatus-Deus  +   1630d ago
Game is already complete. The main reason for the delay was to implement 3D. The earliest release window is March after K3. One of the developers is on my Friends List.
Shadowolf  +   1630d ago
That's good to know. The 3D update was left out of the podcast and rightfully so. However, based on the interview, game director Seth Luisi mentioned that the game was between 8 to 9 complete out of 10. Regardless, there shouldn't be any delays at this point.
Venatus-Deus  +   1630d ago
How did you reply and sent me a mail at the same time? Is that a new function of this site or am I that stupid?

Yeah, my guy said everything was in place for the last release date, they could have released and then Sony wanted 3D support. So basically the finally six months will be that (which apparently is a big job on an already developed game) and polishing/debugging the MP maps and some of the SP levels.

Which ever way, this is likely the MP I play most next year.

I also asked about a beta twice he ignored both mails. I guess they will after Confrontation, however I don't have PSN+
theonlylolking  +   1630d ago
I hope with the move controller I can set little to no deadzone and high sensitivity so I can use it like a mouse and pwn.
kneelb4zod  +   1630d ago
Hope this helps.

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dkgshiz  +   1630d ago
Thank god Slant 6 is gone.
We need a new good Socom game.
theonlylolking  +   1630d ago
After the patches slant 6's socom was good.
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Convas  +   1630d ago
Take it home Zipper! We know you have what it takes. SOCOM MUST recover from the blashphemy that was Confrontation.
Nitrowolf2  +   1630d ago
Best PS2 online game i ever played
spent months playing it
eferreira  +   1630d ago
just give me socom 1 and 2 hd remake and i'll be happy
scar20  +   1630d ago
Dam wish they had a multipalyer beta to let us find glitches and stuff.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   1630d ago
No doubt.
We would let them know how it is going to be received by the SOCOM community. If they don't like that, they will hear about it at launch.
Bits-N-Kibbles  +   1630d ago
Glad to hear about Abandoned
Abandoned and Rat's Nest were my favorite in SOCOM1. Then they brought it back as a night map only in SOCOM2 and I really disliked it, thank god for crossroads and fishhook.

SOCOM has a hardcore fan base, and if they don't please their hardcore fans they shouldn't expect the broader audience to follow with broader big name games dropping this coming year.
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Silly gameAr  +   1630d ago
Definitely can't wait for this one.
swansong  +   1630d ago
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jukins  +   1630d ago
i'll tell you what i know its only a screenshot on the article sight but it looks damn good compared to what i've seen cant wait for this. i hope there's some co-op involved i mean to have what looks like 4 characters during the campaign and not have co-op even if only online its not cool nowadays
JAMurida  +   1630d ago
Looking better and better. Keep it up Zipper!
Raoh  +   1630d ago
i'm excited.. but also i'm not..

its obvious i will never get the old socom 1 and 2 experience on my ps3
Ashby_JC  +   1630d ago
I like others was a HUGE Socom fan!! At a time when no other console had online with voice chat. (never got into PCs)

I remember playing Dreamcast online...I was blown away by the fact you could play against live ppl. So when Socom 1 hit...i had no idea how good it wa sgoing to be.

I hope they make the game as deep and as hardcore as possible!!!!

It is VERY VERY needed for it to be what other shooters are not...HARD and TACTICAL.

Right now Bad Company 2 is fulfilling my needs greatly. But I tell ya...I want some SOCOM!!!!
xc7x  +   1630d ago
Hear hear,i agree,want some new Socom!! However i came from PC gaming yet i regard Socom equal to any PC shooter and i played them all.
Legionaire2005  +   1626d ago
I know im missing out, but this will be my first Socom experience never played this game before. I thinking about getting Socom 4 for both Move and regular controller.

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