Mad Gamer Interviews Insomniac: Ratchet and Clank for PS3

Mad Gamer recently had the opportunity to sit down with Insomniac developers and ask a few questions about what's in store fo PlayStation 3 owners with Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

"Firstly : this title marks the start of a brand-new series of next-generation games for our heroes. What will be the first thing we will notice when we slide the title in the PS3?"

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americanGTA4112d ago

this game is gonna rape!!!!!!!

DrWan4112d ago

This is by far the best looking video game I have seem in the thousands of video i have watched and games that i have played. Sony can really just use this game for commericals on Cartoon network and they can sell a bunch of PS3 to rich kids.

Biasmania4112d ago

I adore this series.

I know some people are gonna say it's the same thing with a fresh coat of paint......

And? Why mess with it? Like I said this series is FUN! And the humor is top rate.

(Looks at the calender, gets depressed again.)

DrWan4112d ago

You know Sony said they didn't want to announce too many new games at GC because they want people to concentrate on the current ones. Well now that Lair is out, Heavenly Sword is coming, Warhawk is out. The only two left that is really big is Rachet and Uncharted. I think they will definately start to announce new stuff in TGS now to keep the ball rolling for sure.

ShiftyLookingCow4112d ago

"And? Why mess with it? Like I said this series is FUN! And the humor is top rate."
totally agreed.

Adamalicious4112d ago

Areed. They started to mess with the formula in Up Your Arsenal and it didn't really add to the experience. Then they really messed with it in Deadlocked and it became the only PS2 Ratchet that I can't recommend. I think that it's clear they realized the mistakes they made and decided to go back to what made the series great in the first place - they've said as much in interviews.

Really, when it's that good you don't need to shake things up as much as they tried. Everything about the games up until the multi-player mode in UYA was just stellar - graphics, camera, sound, writing, voice acting, gameplay, level design - just amazing.

RedSeven4112d ago

I'm looking forward to this one too. It's nice to see a platform game coming to the PS3.

sonarus4112d ago

i really wanna play socom though. i can't wait to play the demo. if it plays as good as it looks, definetly a must buy for me

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