Warhawk moves over 100k units in its first week

Incognito's "Warhawk" online multiplayer title exclusively for PS3 has sold just over 110,000 units in it's first week, making it one of the fastest selling PS3 titles yet. Warhawk's success marks the beginning of a steady stream of quality AAA titles for PS3 this fall.

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DADO4114d ago

Those numbers do not include the downloads from PNS.
Not bad at all.

ArduousAndy4114d ago

the report does not go into detail. Regardless 100k+ is a great number even if you count download

xplosneer4114d ago

VGchartz generally gets this stuff from NPG figures, which is based from retailers, not companies or online, I'm going to say this isn't assuming downloads. and most of the people I know so far have downloaded. :|

nasim4114d ago

and you have well over 250 000 .

considering the fact i myself was ranked 221 000 yesterday.

great going WOWHAWK

WAR_MACHINE774114d ago

it doesn't look like these numbers include europe either so I would like to know what the all the numbers combined are.

Skynetone4113d ago

based on the No's how have sighned up to the game

This game rocks

ive got two problems with the game

1}id like a option to play in fps view
2}when passing the controller to my friends all the controls need to be changed, id like a option that saves your controls and can be changed back with a press of a button

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INehalemEXI4114d ago

great game. Hope theres some good add on content in the future.

Spike474114d ago

the second AAA title for the ps3(resistance).

next is ratchet and clank 5, foklore, and eye of the judgement.

VendettaWFT4114d ago

I think you meant there only AAA. Insomniac Games created Resistance, not Incognito. A simple mistake that a lot of people get wrong.

dhammalama4114d ago

he meant that it was the second AAA title for the ps3 in general. But it can be confusing between Insomniac and Incognito.

THC CELL4113d ago

eye of judgment going to move a lot not only for the game but the eye toy as well.

heavenly sword will be doing well this week in the center of Europe.

socomnick4114d ago

Congrats guys hope its fun Ima test it out tomorrow at my friends house.

the worst4114d ago

watch out now very addicting