Miyamoto: Modern action games are too challenging

ONM: Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed the secrets behind what makes a good videogame. According to the creator of Mario, challenging gamers too much doesn't necessarily result in a fun experience.

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Dark_Charizard2530d ago

Not as challenging as Battletoads or adventure island, but whatever.

thereapersson2530d ago

However, I felt that Demons Souls was challenging for all the right reasons. Any game can throw a ton of hard enemies or impossible game play mechanics at the player for the sake of "being difficult", but Demons Souls was the first game in a long time that really made me stop and think about what I was doing and that just because I couldn't beat something with minimal tries, doesn't mean it was anywhere near cheap. I remember the first time I finally beat the red-eyed knight at the top parapet of the castle, and what an empowering feeling it was to collect his soul energy. There was an even more satisfying feeling when I figured out he would follow me all the way to the magical bottomless pit, and accidentally fall in when he ran after me in anger.

<3 Demons Souls. I really hope that Atlus doesn't pull the plug on the online, because they'd effectively be neutering the core experience for most players.

Neckbear2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Demon's Souls wasn't hard at all, though. At least not 'till NG+.

It based itself on not running around like a fucking retard and using the tools you can buy with souls to go out victorious. Flamelurker? Buy a spell, spam it. The dragons? Bow 'n arrows, my friend. Every other boss? They usually have a weakness or a "trick" you can get, then proceed to kick their asses without much of a problem.

Honestly, if anything, it kind of worries me that people this generation honestly think Demon's Souls is "hard" and "challenging". All it asked was you to not run around like it was fucking Call of Duty and to, uh, USE YOUR FUCKING HEAD. Guess that's just too hard for those mentally challenged, dear customers we have these days.

Go play Wizardry, or fuck, Etrian Odyssey for a current-gen example. Hell, even Brutal Legend in, uh, Brutal, was hard as balls in the Stage Battles, as well as Dragon Age: Origins in PC, to some extent.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is another example you could use, at least in Shura/Shiguri difficulty. As AGhostFromThePast said down there, DKCR is another one, followed by Sin and Punishment.

thereapersson2530d ago

Way to take my positive comment and turn it around into your own personal bitch-fest.

And for the record, the exact playing methodology that you triumphantly tout as somehow unique to yourself (i.e. everyone else MUST be an idiot if they have trouble in the game) is, in no way at all, a secret to anyone -- let alone those who consider themselves "gaming elite".

Chill the f*ck out, dude.

Dark_Charizard2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Perfect example of what? NES hard? Not really. Contra 4 is the only example of NES Hard that I can think of.

For this generation, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Demon Souls are the hardest games. But in none of the games will you find that you reached the second last level on your last life, and then continue from the very first again.


Redempteur2530d ago

@Neckbear i kinda agree with you.
But demon soul is fun because you can find your way out by thinking more.
Who would want a game where the difficulty kill the fun ?

Demon soul is considered Hard because failling to use your head lead to a "YOU DIE " screen ...

Rot_in_Fail2530d ago

Yea, like NES without saves wasn't.

beavis4play2530d ago

neckbear - WOW, what a gaming stud you are........... and i case you don't get it - I'M BEING SARCASTIC. your comment makes you sound like a complete @ss.

i'm with you thereapersson - there were many moments in DS where i felt immense gratification at being a boss........and flamelurker was one of them

RedDead2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I agree with Neckbear too, it's not hard if you take your time and don't treat enemies like they are worthless. If you do treat them like that you get punished. But atleast it's not cheap shi* like Cod series, that on veteran is just stupidly cheap.

Edit---although don't get me wrong, Demons souls is prob my fav game this gen sooo..

DigitalAnalog2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I remember my friend spamming arrows on the Giant Knight. But like any good HARDCORE player, I don't exploit cheap tactics like that. I do it up-close-and-personal. Defeated the fool using well-timed dodges and stabbing him with a spear. (And it feels more rewarding when you do so)

The only problem I have with this method is the Flamelurker, I've got the skills but my weapons barely do anything at this point (time to grind).

Demon's Souls is good if you can fight it by understanding the behavior and movements of the bosses. Not just sit back lazily and shooting arrows/spell casting just because you can.

-End of Line

UnwanteDreamz2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

"even Brutal Legend in, uh, Brutal, was hard as balls in the Stage Battles"

That games only saving grace was the few jokes and the music. I thought it had MPD. Hard? Maybe but I beat it on Brutal and almost died of boredom. This game isn't even in the same league as Demon Souls.

BTW DS is an RPG so if you grind long enough then the game becomes incredibly easy. Just like most RPGs.

Akagi2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )


This. Clearly, Neckbear's idea of tactics is spamming spells until the enemy he is facing falls over. I guess he'd really like Diablo/Torchlight/Divine Divinity. I think that taking on bosses on DS with your sword and shield is 10x more exhilarating than standing behind a rock and spamming spells.

I don't know. Maybe I'm the type of gamer he refers to when he says he's "worried" the [we] found Demon's Soul's Challenging.

P.S NG+++ here, buddy.

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eagle212530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

When did reading become so hard for gamers on N4G? Don't comment unless you actually read the article! The title of the real article is "Miyamoto questions if modern games action games are fun." He never said what this dumb headline suggests!!!


Miyamoto wants to engage the player from enjoyment to challenge. He even said "you are constantly providing the player with challenge" and at the same time some levels of JOY. He suggests players will get tired if always pushed the whole game. Some levels being sheer fun challenges and others being very challenging. He is right! This is why most don't finish some games this generation. Because the game was probably overhyped and boring with no entertainment level of satisfaction.

This man is a genius and nobody has made more of an impact so just give the jealousy a rest. :)

DigitalAnalog2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Wait. I re-read the article.



Here's the actual title at the site:

"Miyamoto questions if modern action games are fun"

-End of Line

SnakeMustDie2530d ago

Modern Action games are too easy and noobified compared to older classics and true hardcore games like Demon's Souls.

kasasensei2530d ago

Time for you to retire Miyamoto.

gon-freaks2530d ago



The day this great man leaves us will be a happy day.

Sugreev20012530d ago

I somewhat agree.I love his games,but I hate his stubbornness to make his games more than clones of their predecessors (in terms of basic elements).Why must they all have the same infantile storytelling,it's the reason why the general public still regards gaming as kid's toys....and the reason why we have politicians harping over "what's right".

Bayonetter2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Wow, how pathetic. Can't believe people are AGREEING with you, as if Miyamoto is all of a sudden completely uncapable of creating fantastic experiences for us all and contributing awesome ideas to games in development.

To tell a creative genius like Miyamoto to retire and "leave" the game industry should be considered a fucking shame. Just because you don't agree with his perspective on how CERTAIN games should be handling their difficulty as apposed to the enjoyment one attains from the game, doesn't in any way, shape, or form mean he should just fuck off.

Psychic_Waffle2530d ago

I agree. It's ridiculous and embarrassing that the people above think this.

And as usual, the title of this article isn't even a direct quote. People need to learn to read or keep their mouths shut (or their fingers tied, whatever).

madpuppy2530d ago

If Miyamoto is still the "creative genius" that Nintendo fans claim he is, why doesn't he create some real, totally new experiences that have nothing to do with stuff he created 25+ years ago? sans that pathetic failure Wii music what game has he created in the past 20+ years that is totally and completely creative and new that has rocked the industry?

when I say new, I am talking about anything that isn't A rehash of previous characters and gameplay. Nothing with Mario, or anything to do with the world of Mario,
Zelda and anything that has to do with the world of zelda. ect...ect..

Bayonetter2530d ago

Why does a man like Miyamoto need to prove anything at his age, especially after all he's done for the game industry?

It doesn't only come down to age, especially considering the fact he isn't in the position anymore to be as involved with creating games and new IP's as he was in his prime, he's got a lot more on his plate doing other things for Nintendo.

However he does manage to implement some fantastic new idea's into games already into development, like SMG, DKCR, Epic Yarn, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime series, etc. Believe it or not he contributed a lot of the more memorable and enjoyable mechanics/ideas into those games, but, as said before, he isn't in the position he used to be in terms of game development. However, we have heard he is working on a new character/IP, so I'll guess we'll see how that turns out.

Knushwood Butt2530d ago

I've said it before, but if Miyamoto was really interested in taking his games a step further he would quit Nintendo and set up his own studio. Only he doesn't have the balls to do so, and instead just happily churns out corporate crap for Iwata.

I've lost all interest in anything he makes for several years now, regardless of how polished it may be.

Veneficus2529d ago

Spoken with glorious ignorance. What Miyamoto values is what Nintendo values. He's the creative driving force of the company.

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Psipunisher2530d ago

Was thinking in Demon Soul too.....i have a Wii and im dissapointed....... thank to Odin i have a Ps3 and a Xbox360

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