EU and US Get Heavenly Sword and DiRT This Week and more

This week , DiRT which was originally scheduled to ship with it's PC and Xbox 360 versions, will finally be arriving this Friday along with Sony's highly anticipated title, Heavenly Sword will be dropping into stores this Friday as well.

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TriggerHappy3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Heavenly week for PS3 owners. Two great titles mainly, Heavenly Sword and DiRT. The rest are all meh.

Personally if I had, NHL 07, I would not even take a look at NHL 08.


The game will be launching earlier than expected according to EBGAMES, it’s is coming out 9/12/07 which is Wednesday instead of Friday.

resistance1003787d ago

Its great, because Europe also get DIRT and Heavenly Sword this week ^_^

MaximusPrime3787d ago

ive preordered DiRT. i enjoyed the demo and keen to play the full game.

crunkthug3786d ago

this is wrong
the game HS comes out in eu on the 19th
not this week

resistance1003786d ago

That central Europe. The UK gets it this friday

BlazinEurasian3786d ago

Looking forward to the cinematics and mastering the stances

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