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CheatCC - "Since the 2007 release of the original Mass Effect, the success of BioWare's unparalleled sci-fi RPG series has grown exponentially. This year, with millions in sales and Mass Effect 2 garnering over thirty-five awards, including the 2010 VGA award for Best Xbox 360 Game, the franchise is flying high and is perfectly positioned to blow us all away with the trilogy's final act."

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Shayera2685d ago

I am so excited for this game!

NinjaRican2684d ago

It has only been 1 year... hope its not a fuck up.

aPerson2684d ago

20 November 2007 = Mass Effect 1
26 January 2010 = Mass Effect 2 (roughly 26 months between the release of ME1 & 2)
December 2011 = Mass Effect 3 (roughly 23 months between the release of ME2 & 3)

Do the math.

Tilian2684d ago

Anybody else worried it's primarily on Earth this time? I'd like it to remain in space for the most part.

The Meerkat2684d ago

For all we know (depending upon your choices) earth might be destroyed.

Charmers2684d ago

I doubt it will be primarily set on earth, the blurb states that you will be recruiting allies to combat the reapers. You can't recruit allies from other planets whilst being stuck on earth and the Reapers over head beating the crap out of you.

Think of this CG trailer like the Horizon CG trailer for ME 2. It gives us a glimpse of less than 1% of the story. It is meant to hype you up that is all.

himdeel2684d ago

...from what I understand. Sheppard is going to have to travel into space to request the assistance of multiple alien species to come back with him to Earth to save it. The human race alone cannot face whatever species has invaded the planet.

BatClarkeee2684d ago

hopefully depending on the choices we make we can become leader of earth.