Marketing 101: How is Sony supposed to market Lair?

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RadientFlux4114d ago

SIMPLE: Sony should release a multi-level demo as fast as possible, allowing gamers to try the game

iceice1234114d ago

They want people to buy the game. Having a demo will only allow people to see how horrible it is before they buy it, Sony then loses.

TheSadTruth4114d ago


how can you disagree with him when he's right?

if the majority of reviewers think it's a bad game then the majority of users who download a demo will think it's a bad game

it's not rocket science


maybe if they only do a demo of a segment of the game that doesn't demonstrate the games massive shortcomings, people might think it's a good game and actually buy it then

the problem is that there might not be a single portion of the game like this

LeonSKennedy4Life4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

What's sad here is that you guys listened to the reviews. I play the game all the time and I can't find the same gripes as the reviewers found. The controls are better than most games on the Wii and they're praising that thing like there's no tomorrow!

They WANT this game to be bad, so the game IS bad...follow me mindless, media-brainwashed, losers?

The game is fantastic! Ask anyone who owns it. It's a great game and we all agree. The same goes for Warhawk! Everyone has basically turned their backs on Sony for some reason...probably money from a certain company that never actually has to do anything to get ahead except PAY PEOPLE OFF!

EDIT: No, I mean anyone who PLAYS IT! It doesn't matter what system you're loyal to...JUST PLAY IT!!! How hard is that? Your friend either doesn't like video games or has a fear of dragons. The game is great! TRY IT...then, cry about how Sony sucks and all that other junk you've been spewing out because "your friends are doing it".

TheSadTruth4114d ago

my friend owns it and he hates it.. I haven't even bothered trying it

anyways.. ask anyone and they will say they like it? If you mean ask anyone on n4g then yes, because the majority of ps3 owners here are loyal to the sony brand, and not to quality games...

Hayabusa 1174113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Yeah...great idea. That way, nobody would buy it once they see how crap it trully is.

I hope everyone realises why this game is crap...sixaxis...

BloodySinner4113d ago

Gotta' love the typical "I don't listen to the reviews" speech. Always makes me chuckle. Why are you people even talking about Lair? You KNOW it's lame, so just stop it.

You should be busy playing some GOOD PS3 games. Warhawk, Virtua Fighter 5 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. But no. What are you playing? Stupid Lair.

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DrWan4114d ago

1. Hype sells games, TV commerical maybe expensive but it may pay off, you know all the movie games and crap like htat? they suck but they sell, they are always advertised along with the movies. Well it may not work, but if they hype this game up (which already has), and we are going after the "ignorant" rich kid off the block here, not blog readers, bc they have already bashed it to hell. Also advertise on other media channels as well if possible, be it mags and what not.

2. Fix the control by releasing a small patch to allow control change and mapping of the SixAxis, as well an adjustable meter of the sixaxis sensitivity, that's about all you can do to save this expensive project.

3. and yes, like the buddy above me said, release a Demo with ajustable controls!! Let me ppl know and prove to the people that the reviwers were wrong! even better if they can re-cut the CG in such a way that in the end of the trailer you will go wait, that's all? what next what next, damn i need to get this game!!!

Because one of the things that shine is the story on Lair, quite enjoyable.

socomnick4114d ago

are you a real doctor if so Why does my stomach hurt after lifting weights today :\

DrWan4114d ago

Which part of your stomach? When you lift weight, you tend to undergo what is called the Valsalver maneuver, which is basically you try to exhale but with your glottis close. Think of it like when you are straining in the restroom when you are constipated. Now, if you lift too much and keep on increasing your abdominal pressure this way it can cause compression to the internal organs, intestines, liver, stomach, as well as compressing the inferior vena cava preventing sufficent blood from going back to your heart (decrease venous return), this subsequently decreases the perfusion to the other tissues of your body.

If the condition is relieve right away after you lift and do not percipitate, it's most likily mechanical compression of the stomach (i assuem when you say stomach, u can tell the difference between your stomach and you "belly"? because alot of patients are vague on their symptomalogies). If this does happen, i suggest you not just concentrate on lifting, strengthen your OTHER muslces before you lift more, strengthen your abs and improve your cardiovascular health (jogging instead of lifting, lifting doesn't do anything for your heart), that way u can increase your cardic output when you lift later and perfusion rates to these visceral organs should improve.

Of course, please see ur doctor for further diagnosis, i can't make any diagnosis online wihtout seeing you.

MACHone4114d ago

Whoa, that was awesome.

socomnick4114d ago

thank you dr wan the pain seemed to go away It happened as I was exhaling if the pain comes again ima go to my doctor.

ShiftyLookingCow4113d ago

I wonder who disagreed with DrWan, I am guessing one of the followers of Benny Hinn or other "faith healer"s

KnowitAll4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Doc that was impressive man. This is the first time I give bubbles!!

Anyways to advertise Lair they should
1. Give away a free Hacky Sack with it (Who doesn't love hacky sacks?? We just can't get enough of them)
2. Advertise the "Play Lair on the go(Psp)" That would really help.
3. Have a sexy model play it.(Its what convinced me to get a wii....)!
4. And my grandma says show the dam game on a comercial! Dragons kick ass!!

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LeX4114d ago

My favorite thing was watching one of the producers talking about the game months ago and how it would only be possible to make such a great game on the PS3. How the controls are amazing and how they have utilized the SIXAXIS. Not only does the game suck but they will not be able to sell a lot of copies because they decided to be a PS3 exclusive. Nice choice guys. HAH

gunnar29064114d ago

my fav thing is playing games! insted of listening to someone else crap opinion.
OPEN yer eyes - LAIR is the game that is not possible on PC.
Anyway the truth reveils itself sooner or later. World of Warcraft got the lowest scores at first but then they were 'corrected' by lotsa sites when the game got #1

Ju4114d ago

What ever they did, I think it was pretty successful: 100K the first weekend. We'll see how the second week went.

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