European gamers greatly dissatisfied with PSN downloadables

Gamers in Europe were offered an admittedly paltry selection in PlayStation Network recently, causing them to complain to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and asking the bigwigs at SCEE (through their comments in Three Speech) why is it that they're not getting the same offerings as their US counterparts, or at least content that is on par with what US PSN subscribers already enjoy.

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chrisius3753d ago

You're damn straight. I want more PS1 games and downloadable titles up on there. I don't mind about demos as long as I still have access to all the other stores. Either way, demos should be spread out somewhat equally to all the stores.

I'm sure it will improve over time. At least we're gettin PlayTV ahead of everyone else early next year. :)

Snukadaman3753d ago

Problem is when they started selling the gimped ps3 with no emotion engine and a launch window of a couple of months later, europeans still bought the ps3 in droves. IMO it gave sony a license too screw european ps3 fans.

Funky Town_TX3752d ago

I speak with my wallet. Some choose to speak only on the internet.

rev203752d ago

I love the way you say gimped ps3, but now every new ps3 being created is the same as the european one, none of them have the emotion chip.

The backwards compatibility is really good without the chip aswell it actually plays the majority of games unlike some other consoles BC.


jackdoe3753d ago

Wow, really? I had no idea *sarcasm*. Anyway SCE really needs to start firing the management in SCEE. They really, really suck.

Bnet3433753d ago

I heard a lot of things don't reach Europe on Xbox Live because of licensing issues, sucks to be a gamer in Europe, you pretty much get shafted everywhere, feel sorry for the guys over there. I'm glad I live in USA, we get everything.

jackdoe3753d ago

I agree. Europe gets shafted on release dates and on game pricing.

neogeo3753d ago

I live in the US but I know how they feel.
When Japan gets all these great Neogeo games and NOTHING for the US
it pisses me off!

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The story is too old to be commented.