Pixel Apocalypse: Golden Turd Award – 2010

Because no matter how shiny it is, a turd is still a turd. Here are your nominations for the Golden Turd award of 2010…

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Serjikal_Strike2922d ago

I was second person to vote...
SW TFU deserves the golden turd!
Biggest let down this year!

FarEastOrient2922d ago

I had to flip a coin between SW TFU and FFXIV

HolyOrangeCows2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I don't think that it's THAT hard.

I'd rather play a decent adventure that makes no advancements from the first game (Other than prettying up the graphics) with a slightly confused story in the Star Wars universe than run down corridors for hours in FF14, looking for something to do or something to battle with the uninteresting combat.

I voted FF14. I'm not a FF14 fan, but it doesn't take one to see that FF14 didn't live up to any sort of standard.

Ult iMate2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

SW and FF14 are turd enough, but not as golden as FF13. FF13 is so shiny and hyped and sparkling. Definately the golden turd among the list.

electricshadow2922d ago

Final Fantasy 14 was my vote. I played it at my friend's house (he's a giant FF fan) and he said he couldn't even like that game. I said to him "It can't be THAT bad." Boy, was I wrong.

Shackdaddy8362922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Dammit! Voted for the wrong FF.....

I picked the first one I saw assuming it was 14.

P.S. Deadmau5 FTW.

Relientk772922d ago

I am sorry you voted for the wrong FF

I wish you could take it back and change it to FF 14


Komega2922d ago

FF XIV is so bad that they giving away game time to keep subs. Way to go Squenix

Quagmire2922d ago

Im surprised Black Ops wasnt on the list.

Dave13512922d ago

sorry but millions upon millions of dollars and high reviews prove otherwise

Quagmire2922d ago

Oh yes, I forgot sales = quality. Silly me.

Dave13512922d ago

Im not sayin the game is perfect but its definitely not bad enough for the list. and yes sales does have a part to do with it

Komega2922d ago

QFT Dave, here's your bubble

MultiConsoleGamer2922d ago

Final Fantasy IV is the clear winner, I mean loser... whatever.

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The story is too old to be commented.