IGN: Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition Video Review

Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii is a competent offering of four classics that never truly seeks to embrace the milestone it claims to support. If you really want to see the legacy of Mario on display, you’re probably better off replaying Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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darthv722920d ago

I would expect more from nintendo than a port of the snes version. I been wondering when this was coming to the VC and now I understand why.

Nintendo...this is a bad way to exploit the man that got you there. A complete redo of the graphics would have been sweet. All done in new smb style!

Rainstorm812919d ago

That is exactly what i was expecting..... SMB All stars upgraded to The New SMB quality.....

SMH @ Ninty

Danteh2919d ago

Yeah why didn't they upgrade the graphics or.... something?? I love Mario but I already have this game for the SNES :0

MultiConsoleGamer2920d ago

This collection is shameless cash run. Its basically a SNES rom on a disc. Seriously, a true Super Mario Collection would be great.

PirateThom2919d ago

I wouldn't even have minded the graphics being unchanged, but what stopped them putting World, Yoshi's Island and 64 on the disc as well? Why not go all out and have Sunshine on there as well, space depending?

ECM0NEY2919d ago

That would be day 1 for me!

user8586212919d ago

Lol wait.... full retail price for a old snes game??....

Dsnyder2919d ago

And they say Activision milks the most. Nintendo has an ocean of milk compared to activisions pond. Better off with an emulator.

SovereignSnaKe2919d ago

wait? full retail? i paid amazon 30$ for it! did they jack up the price! O_O

danielle0072918d ago

Nope.. It's 29.99 in stores.

Not that you can find it in stores anymore..


gotta say man, even though a lot of people dont like IGN, i think they pump out some of the best reviews for games. honestly i have no idea where some people on this site get the idea that theyre anti-ps3 or something. ah well, to each his own.

ON TOPIC: i cant believe they apparently jacked up the price of this game? thats ridiculous.
also, even though a reimagining of the graphics would have been nice, i dont really mind that its not there. what i do mind however is the fact that this is essentially a dumping of game data from a cartridge onto a wii disc and absolutely nothing more. did this take ANY development cost from nintendo? seems shameless and cheaply done. would it have killed them to not necessarily change the games UI, but maybe have a Wii-like greeting in the beginning of the game? have SOMETHING in the game that lets us know were in fact playing a wii game and not an SNES cartridge?

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