Mass Effect 3 expectations

With the recent news of Mass Effect 3, we at G3 cannot help but wonder about the possibilities and the depth that this game will have over its already stunning predecessors. With changes to armor, abilities and locations; Mass Effect 3 promises to stun gamers come next December. However, here are some changes that the members of G3 wouldn’t mind having done to make ME3 an even better game experience.

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norman292899d ago

Yeah this needs putting under PS3 too bud

showtimefolks2899d ago

pc,xbox360 and ps3

on the same day thank you EA

Nightshadow2899d ago

You won't be able to bring back Wrex for all players. In my save game he got killed :(

2011 cannot come around soon enough, I can't wait for this game.

RaymondM2899d ago

sorry to hear it man, I got lucky and saved Wrex and boy was he a big help

toaster2899d ago

I played through it lots of times and have multiple saves, some I killed Wrex some I didn't. In ME2 I found Wrex to be helpful, especially during some certain missions involving Krogans. That alliance with Wrex really helped.

Nightshadow2899d ago

Yah I think I might play through them again and save Wrex this time round, and maybe I can unlock some more achievements in the process =)

Lightsaber2899d ago

after playing ME 2 my expectations of ME 3 are pretty low EA has ruined bioware

Deleting2899d ago

Yeah it's a shame Wrex never came back in ME2

Honest question though, Am I the only person who hated the thermal clips in ME2, I thought the whole ammo thing was a step back. I really liked how you had to wait for guns to recharge, it really made you plan your tatics with squad mates and biotics (if you had any)

Myst2899d ago

Eeh, I felt rather neutral towards them. I mean it wasn't too much of a pain, but at the same time I think I thought the same thing as you did. Though I would have to say I was enjoying the game too much to be annoyed by it so that's why I was able to stay neutral.

Deleting2899d ago

I always thought they would be better used to cool down your weapons faster. Like the thermal clips would be rare to find. It's my only problem with Mass Effect 2, turning it into another shooter

Myst2899d ago

Well Bioware is a developer that lessons to those people who voice opinions. A thread could be started on it or perhaps one has already been started about this. Though from the looks of the trailer and that one guy using the sniper rifle, bullets may be used in this one.

Lightsaber2899d ago

"It's my only problem with Mass Effect 2, turning it into another shooter"

I'm sure you can thank ea for that and with only a year to work on ME3 I dont think it be all that great. EA will turn it into a yearly game and milk the crap out of it I wouldnt be shock if in a couple of years it was a FPS

Megaton2899d ago

Yes I prefer the ammo system from ME1.

I think Wrex is gonna die in ME3 and Grunt is going to take his place as leader of Clan Urdnot. They hint at it if you take down the Maw on Tuchanka in ME2. An impressed Wrex says something like "well that's what it takes to replace me".

scar202899d ago

Getting ME2 next month then ME3 that same year wow.

Kalowest2899d ago

More RPG elements please.

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The story is too old to be commented.