Marvel Pinball (PS3) Review I Brutal Gamer

Spiderman. Iron Man. Wolverine. Blade. The heavy hitters of Marvel comics are here….and they want to play some pinball. Zen Studios brings you Marvel Pinball, an incredibly realistic pinball experience on PS3 and XBox360. I was lucky enough to give the PS3 version many hours of my time, and I must say I am quite impressed with the experience. Brutal Gamer reviews Marvel Pinball for the PS3.

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Master of Unlocking2926d ago

Gonna get that one too. Dang, in the end Zen pinball will end up costing me over 30€ or something..!?
But where's Rome? I want that one too on the PS3!

averyzoe2926d ago

Yes, an additional tables are coming as DLC, so best start saving pennies :)

moosehound2925d ago

I've not really invested any "real" time in a pinball game since Pinball Dreams and Pinball Illusions back on the Amiga... Perhaps now is the time to rectify that ;)