gamrFeed Editorial: How Kinect Could Improve Marquee Franchises

When most of us think of Microsoft's Kinect or motion controls in general, the games that come to mind don't have a hardcore following. So far the games have been aimed at the casual gamer and at family-friendly multiplayer experiences. Forza 4 is promising Kinect functions in a core game, and it's not the only one that should.

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Duke_Silver2920d ago

I hope they do get more games like this

naznatips2920d ago

Wish "Voice commands" wasn't used so much, but I guess that's part of the limit of the hardware.

bmw692920d ago

Can't wait for Forza 4

kthsdlr2920d ago

It would definitely be nice to see the technology pushed and stretched in new and creative ways. I can't wait to see how developers... develop this technology. Great read. Good food for thought.

bmw692920d ago

Exactly - people are so quick to dismiss Kinect and Move but if embraced they could provide genuinely unique gaming experiences

BX812920d ago

I really liked kinect when they 1st announced it but the soft ware line up left me not liking it so much. I agree it's new tech and it up to the devs. to make new and fun ways to play games. I really want to see two games take advantage of this tech. UFC/madden. I also think Uncharted 3 would be bad ass in 3d/move!

Raoh2920d ago

best use of voice control was socom 1 and 2. loved playing the campaign and ordering my squad around.

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The story is too old to be commented.