2D Platformer Eternity's Child Jumps from Live Arcade to Wii, Grabs Retail Publishing Deal

Last year, UK-based Frenchman Luc Bernard revealed Eternity's Child, an old-school whimsical platformer in full 2D, featuring fantasy environments and an angelic protagonist who had lost his wings. The game was planned for release through Xbox Live Arcade. Now, however, a new interview on French gaming site Art du Jeu reveals that, due to Live Arcade's space restrictions making the game's high volume of high-res 2D art unfeasible, the game has moved to a retail Wii release through UK publisher Alten8.

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Trick Nolte3514d ago

Use some Old School 2D with some visual flair. These screens are pretty nice and the Art style is cool and way different.

ChickeyCantor3514d ago

these games are welcome!!!
2d is still great and nothing wrong with some artistic backgrounds =D

DrPirate3514d ago

I have to agree, 2D is still great.

cooke153514d ago

Looks awsome! so this and that vanillaware game are coming to Wii.. Sweet :)

heavyarms3514d ago

since its was coming to xbox arcade will it cost 5 bucks?

BIadestarX3514d ago

I don't think so.. Expect it to cost like a retail wii game.

cooke153514d ago

it wouldnt of been 5 dollars on xbl. Also they would have been limited now they has 4.7gbs to work with to make it a bigger game, instead of 150mb's. It could be a budget price of 19.99. Mercury Revolution is going to retail for that price and it has pretty good reviews.. 8.5 at GS

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