Dead Nation Pulled From New Zealand PSN

Australia isn’t the only one facing video game rating issues, as Housemarques Dead Nation has been pulled from neighboring country New Zealand’s PSN due to classification problems.

Housemarques gory Zombie Shoot’em up went live in EU territories on December 1st, but was quietly pulled from the New Zealand PlayStation Store only days later.

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rambonz2921d ago

ah ha!, well played sir.

MAJ0R2921d ago

wow it's mind boggling how corrupt some governments are, I just hope the United States isn't next

dalibor2921d ago

New Zealand is officially a non Zombie Nation as of right now

Neonvapor2921d ago

Too bad, it is an awesome game.

electricshadow2921d ago

How is a game released without receiving a rating? :/

Krugsy2921d ago

Damn, I was wondering why it wasn't on the PS Store. But this makes sense, somebody not doing their job correctly forgot to submit it for classification, which is a huge effin' mistake. But i'm not too worried, the game will get a rating regardless, there's only a handful of games banned here and they are all crap anyways. We ain't as medieval as our friends across the ditch.

ZeroX98762921d ago

yep, but in the handful of games that are banned, there's one awesome game among them now: dead nation!

Krugsy2921d ago

Well Dead Nation ain't banned, its just being classified and will be released.

Bathyj2921d ago


I resemble that.

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The story is too old to be commented.