Lair, IGN and Sony's Sixaxis

IGN gave the gameplay/controls a 4.5 out of 10 in the review they did.

The overall average should be 6.7, if you do the math. Why give points in each area, as well as a overall total, when you're not even going to use the overall as an 'average'.

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RadientFlux4112d ago

it's up to IGN on how they review and score a game, to make the change the blogger suggests. IGN will have to go back and change every score.

With all the time spent criticizing IGN, people should just rent the game and try it themselves.

InMyOpinion4111d ago

Yup, more crybaby news from biased blogs/forums. If you think it has awesome controls and is a superb game, stop whining and go play it.

toughNAME4112d ago

IGN says the final score is NOT an average...something a lot of reviewers do


overall this is just lame...6.7 is nothing to be proud of

deifen4112d ago

I believe the term you are looking for is "weighted average", meaning each catagory is given a numerical weight with respect to the other catagories, which is fine, but IGN should at least clearify how the scores ar weighted. to be honest, the way its done is PURE BS since, as far as we know, the overall score is not dependent on the sum of the individual scores. It is for this very reason that I dont really put much stock in review scores. All you have is some lazy arse journalist who doesnt have anything better to do with his life then critique video REALLY think your gonna get an objective and unbiased review???

TheSadTruth4112d ago

no reviews are unbiased or objective.. it's impossible to not be subjective, that's the whole point of reviewing

they don't like the game because they think it sucks so they give it a bad score.. what exactly is the problem here? stop trying to justify why EVERY SINGLE reviewer thinks the game sucks

deifen4112d ago

while it is true that no review is perfectly objective, it should certainly be unbiased. another reason I don't like video game reviews is that there is virtually no accountability, which is what I pointed out above. unfortunately, your failed to pick up on this. I am not saying the game was good or the game was bad. MY point is that one shouldn't place to much faith on review scores. can you understand that?

Numark4112d ago

the reason they give scores in each category, is so you see how well it did in each category. Each category is not equally important. By making it an average, you would have presentation just as important as gameplay. Are the menus as important as how the game plays??? Of course not.

I should not of had to write down something that obvious, as it should be common sense.

PS: Since when are crappy pointless whiny blogs approved at N4G?

Bnet3434112d ago

6.7 is still crap, Lair sucks balls, get over it, play Warhawk instead, stop approving this garbage.

Biasmania4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I love my PS3. I wanted this machine, because the franchises I love are on the PS3. I am happy with my purchase, and don't flinch at what I paid for it. Scream Halo, scream whatever. I will not buy another machine this generation. Seriously.

But Lair was terrible. The score it got from IGN and the like is SPOT ON. The game is a crap fest, in my opinion (Remember this phrase). Why do we continue to defend this monstrosity? Can anyone honestly tell me what they like about this game? And why does it seems like a lot of Playstation hardcores want to salvage this game? Why not use Persona 3? Yes it is a PS2 game, but NOTHING on either machine (Xbox 360, or Wii) is anything like it. Warhawk? The game is brutal fun. It should be all we are talking about right now.

Let this game die the death it deserves... With a whimper.

thetruthinator4112d ago

Why do people defend this little game as if every single low review score is a personal attack on the Playstation 3 itself?

Ri0tSquad4112d ago

Time to move on there will be many many more exclusives like this to come that could be bad or good but I couldn't agree with you anymore on this game.


I bought it and its not bad. I'm not defending the game but some people that have bought the game and felt that 4.9 is not a justify score might want na say something. Personally I wouldnt do like this guy, I'm just gonna tell my friens that this game is good regardless of what review said, and they should certainly try it.

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