New Bleach: Soul Ignition Scan

An image right from Shonen Jump showing new characters and the demo confirmation.

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JUDALATION2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

add move support nowwwww!


Blaze9292842d ago

so this game gonna be like Ultimate Ninja Storm or more of the regular Heat the Soul games?

tayz2842d ago

neither. the article says its an action game

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Bankai.....senbonzakura kageyoshi

*drops move controller*


zanzibarlegend2842d ago

you are the goddamned man.

that is all.

hougigo2842d ago

So for PS3 huh... if it's for move... guess i'll be getting move. Hope it works better than it did for the wii.

Convas2842d ago

This and Ni No Kuni I want for PS3. But there's no word on a Non-Japanese release Version.

This makes me a very sad shinigami. :(

Hope we get some word on them both regarding an US/UK release soon.

Motorola2842d ago

I know!! Same with the movie. I want a subbed version of the Hell movie. I dont remember the name....But I either want dubbed version of it or subbed. And the game as well :D

Simon_Brezhnev2842d ago

You wont see the Hell movie sub for another 8-10 months. Some unknown stupid reason japanese anime movies take long as hell to hit dvd/blu-ray.

Legacy_Killa2842d ago

I guess we can add another Sony exclusive game on an already large list lolz

Convas2842d ago

ROFL. It doesn't count if it's not coming to the biggest markets.

StbI9902842d ago

Someone butt-hurt much xD

256bit2842d ago

JP is a big market for gaming

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