Crisis Time for PC Graphics?

TrustedReview's Benny Har-Even writes :

"Do you remember the days when you stuck on a PS2 game for its playability, or for a laugh with some mates, but if you wanted to be wowed by incredible graphics and intense gameplay, you had to fire up your PC. I miss those days. It's not so much that I'm bemoaning the fact that consoles are so impressive graphically these days - it's just that that I don't like the fact that the popularity of the consoles means that we have to suffer poor PC conversions. I tried Fifa 2007 a few months ago, and it was probably the worst gaming experiences I've ever had on a PC - and I know it's just a case of zero effort by EA, as I own the game on PSP and it's great. Unfortunately, that seems to be typical of the contempt that PC gamers are treated with these days. And what about Lost Planet? The interface on PC was appalling and the game was only playable as I have an Xbox 360 controller for Windows - though not even this could make it decent, so I quickly stopped playing it."

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MK_Red4112d ago

PC graphics may be in crisis but the Crysis may change everything in favor of PC.

JsonHenry4112d ago

Lol, what is this guy talking about? Every system, whether it be a console or a PC gets crappy ports from time to time.

You want comparisons? Check the difference between the PC and 360 versions of Command and Conquer 3. The PC blows it away! It is the same with Gears of War. The PC version looks better, has higher resolution textures, and plays wonderfully according to everyone who has previewed it.

Yes, we get a lot of crappy ports on the PC... but the thing is PC owners don't care. Because the games PC gamers really want are made FOR the PC to begin with. Crysis, Star Craft 2, Supreme Commander, Hellgate London, Half Life series, Doom series... the list goes on.

PC gamers don't sit around with their rigs waiting on a port from a console anyway. If that was the case we would just buy a console.

neogeo4112d ago

Then got some crappy port like RE4 I would be very upset.


pc graphics rule, but then again ps3 isnt part of the comparison, this guy obviously knows nothing about the ps3, so hes finished

SaMiR1114112d ago

xbox 360 have direct 9+ and some fictions of direct 10, sharder model 4

ulath6664112d ago

the 360 have NO dx10 functionality. It does have unified shaders but thats not DX10. And it DOESNT support SM4.0

xg-ei8ht4111d ago

This guy dosen't have a clue.

xbox360 is directx9 based and always will be.

Ps3 dosent work that way, it is not limited by directx.

Meaning you can do any graphical effect on ps3 comparable to dx10,11.etc. Because of the way cell and rsx work.

Pc gaming is ok, but it dosent get enough range in its games. Then you have piracy on pc, does not help matters.

Costs so much money these days to make games, that unless your going to make profit, why would u bother?

And thats why consoles are the only viable option.

You could look at it another way.

As stated already, you need a beast of a machine these days to have all the options on.

Dx9 cards/

Fx range, if u can call them dx9 cards,lol.
6 series
7 series
8 series including dx10.

The lower revisions of 8 series are useless for dx10 gaming.

Radeon 9700pro. Now that was pure class in its time.
x800 range
2900xt including dx10.

And this is where the problem lies.

There are to many variations of the same cards, and thus developers are left trying to fill the needs of so many ppl. So it runs poor on this system, fine on this one, and great on another, then you got many many types of drivers for each system.

Dual core has even made this worse, Alot of the newer games need them.

Its just upgrade. And nvidia has as always pushed the prices up and up.

Point is PS3 in time will rival most games on pc, and yet you won't have to spend anything else then the price of the game you want.

And thats where consoles win.

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