2011 The Year Of The $199 PS3?

For an upcoming year filled with the best the platform has to offer, pursuing the objective of getting the PS3 in as many homes as possible is still a necessity Sony needs to approach with an aggressive strategy.

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Balt 2926d ago

Needs to happen. Has to happen, I believe. Sony simply cannot sustain another holiday season in last place and they have to do something to spark ps3 surgence again.

I look at next year and see

Killzone 3
Uncharted 3
Infamous 2
Ico Collection
Last Guardian
Twisted Metal
Motorstorm A.

And a host of software not even announced yet. I see a PSN line up that rivals anything anyone has got. I then see a 299 dollar price tag and people thinking they can hold off a little longer for the above games until it hits 199.99

Sony has to drop price for their investors and their in house developers whom make their software. They are depending on the Ps3 for their sales. Consumers are depending on Sony to lower the price.

I think it'll happen. And when it does Sony is going to sweep the videogame world.

Game-ur2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I think they can afford it now, but they also need to advertize more, what's the point of having price-cut and great exclusives if only the few know about them?

Iamback2926d ago

I have PS3 so i don't care personally BUT i want it to happen so more people can buy this beast and see how awesome it is. It has nothing to do if it is worth 299 or not, it was too me BUT more people can afford 199 then 299, that's a fact. And PS3 needs it if they want PS2 numbers. I hope they announce it at E3 with new even slimmer model.

punisher992926d ago

"but they also need to advertize more"

How much more do you people want sony to advertise?? They already got Gran Turismo 5 and PS move commercials on TV every single day. I guess people wont be satisfied until Sony starts coming to your house and talking to you personally.

-Alpha2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I've been saying this for a while. The reason MS has them beat in the U.S. is because they have such an easy entry console at $199. This allows better options for a bigger variety of gamers.

A 4GB console may screw long term gamers but they are clearly selling to some sort of consumer and Sony needs to tap into that

The PS3's HDD entry size is over-generous for even moderate gamers. I ran on a 40 G for nearly 2 years and only now have upgraded to 500G

Realistically nobody NEEDS an entry console with 160 GB of space right away. I'm sure they can easily offer a 20-40GB console for a lower price. SKU pricing seems to vary mostly dependent on HDD space anyway.

But the big thing that MS will always have over Sony is that they can more easily cut their prices. The hardware is simply cheaper. So Sony can never catch up in this sense because MS will also keep lowering their prices to keep Sony in check.

But when you factor in the potential of 2011 for Sony in terms of their software lineup I can see how MS's marketing tactics may not work next time around. But so long as they have the cheaper console they will continue to sell well. MS can cut those prices in the blink of an eye if they wanted to.

darthv722925d ago

They could easily opt to have the 120gb sku as their low point entry system at $199. They need to ramp up the marketing on other strengths besides the bluray. It happened to them before with the ps2. For some time the ps2 not only sold to gamers but also movie buffs because other stand alone dvd players were just not cost effective.

This time, the turnaround for cheaper blu players seems to have been quicker. Especially since the falling costs of HDTV. That selling point isnt an advantage for the ps3 as of now like it was with the ps2.

A $199 ps3 will cause quite the stir in this console race. Possibly to force the hand of nintendo and or MS sooner than they would like.

silvacrest2925d ago

i hear what your saying but how many more times can MS price cut the 360 before they aren't getting much money on each sold?

i guess they could gain extra cash from more people buying software but even then, not all of the revenue is going to them

on the other hand i think when the PS3 hits 199 it will be game over, even a noob should know that you are simply getting more for the same money or slightly more (i say slightly because i have no doubt MS will price cut as soon as this happens)

Ju2925d ago

Sony needs to get rid of the hdd. Possibly an new mainboard iteration with 16 or 32gb flash can maybe work. Flash is still expensive, but intgrated on the mb it maybe can be build cost effective. 199 seems to far fetched, 249 would be a good start.

badz1492925d ago

although I'm still waiting for my year end bonus to snatch the BLUE GT5 PS3!

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TehCell642926d ago

Ah, the generic long list of future PS3 games.

ForceCSW2926d ago

Pretty awesome isn't it?

thereapersson2926d ago

Ah, the generic reply of yet another a gimmick troll with a trite user name.

firefoxprime2925d ago

^Haha. We all know who that 1 lil disagree is from lol

silvacrest2925d ago

why didn't you reply with the awesome list of future 360 exclusives

oh wait....

Dirk Benedict2925d ago

would you like diapers to go with your tears and baby rattle?

ms has a list of exclusives that could be written on the head of a pin, while Sony's list can be written on a scroll.

Boody-Bandit2925d ago

What's a matter TehCell64. Did all you other troll accounts get bubbled down to one? Just report this fool and move on. Hopefully a mod will check his history and ban this obvious multiple account troll.

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Sarcasm2926d ago

Why go straight to $199, I say they can manage $249 for awhile.

Christopher2926d ago

I'm fairly skeptical on this.

I'm not sure Sony would be able to get the costs down to a level that they can charge $199 and still make a profit. Maybe, and that's a big maybe, $249. Just not sure.

IMHO, I think I'd rather see them working to get the price of Move and Subnav controllers down to get those sales going. The games are already priced well enough, I think a huge thing that is off putting to most buyers is the high cost and confusion associated with the additional controllers.

JoeReno2926d ago

As much as id like to see it reach that price point, I don't think its going to happen this year. Right now the 160gb stand alone PS3 is ranked 15 on Amazon while the standalone 360s are much further down the road. The kinect bundle is one slot ahead the 160gb. So looking at that from a corprate sales stand point its doing very well at the price point it is at now. Maybe sometime in 2012 though.

firefoxprime2925d ago

Umm..who said this year? We're talkin about "2011".

JoeReno2925d ago


As we are closing out 2010, I think its pretty clear that by "this year", I was talking about 2011. Also the reason I said a price drop "sometime in 2012 though"

ElementX2926d ago

Once again, somebody always has to list games... I'm pretty sure every N4G reader knows what awesome games the PS3 has next year, enough of the redundancy.

Dark_Energy2926d ago

Couldn't agree more with Balt

Great comment :)

ABizzel12926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I think everyone's hoping for that $199 price, and I think it would pretty much cause PS3 sales to skyrocket. As a consumer this is the idea thing to do.

But from a business standpoint I don't know. I think Sony wants it to happen, but will it be financially smart is the question they're asking right now. The PS3 is selling well at $299, and it'll have the games to back that price. It's true every odd year has seen a PS3 price drop, and my gut tells me we'll see another, but only a $50 price drop.

I think we'll see the PS3 for $249 in 2011 and that will be enough to get most of the people to give up and fork over the money, and it'll be good for Sony as well. I'm sure there are people waiting for $199, but $249 will be good enough for them (I don't understand why they just don't fork over the $100 and get one now, but I guess.)

So I say a $249 price for the PS3 in September, and it'll be bundled with a game or two and a Blu Ray for $249 for the holidays. A win for everybody.

wsoutlaw872926d ago

hard to see a full 100 dollar drop but imagine a 199$ killzone 3 or LBP 2 bundle, that wold boost sales

Moentjers2925d ago

Even I would by a 199$ Killzone3 bundle to get me a slim...

justlu2926d ago

I don't know if it is precursor to a real price drop but right now on Amazon you can get a 160gb ps3 for 299 with a $75 credit from amazon effectively making it $224. Getting pretty close to that unbelievable sub $200 number.

playaplayer2925d ago

was just about to say the same thing

Spitfire_Riggz2925d ago

Its about time I replace my fatty =)

kreate2925d ago

so what happens when Microsoft cuts the 360's price to 99 dollars to counter PS3's price cut?

xbox 360 will still beat PS3 in terms of sales. at least in america.

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Prcko2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I can say that i am 90% sure that Sony will drop ps3 price next year at E3!
And if that really happens you can see around 800,000 sold consoles by month,and i don't wanna speak what's gonna happen for next christmas and black friday oh my...

GenericUserName2926d ago

The mythical 199 woo! I thought the last price cut was enough to bury the competition. Then again, I thought GT5 was it, or was that Killzone 2? Metal Gear Solid 4? Uncharted 2? I've lost count. So 199 will do it huh? Alright's if you say so

Silly gameAr2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Ahhh. A generic comment to match a GenericUserName. My hero indeed.

A price drop would be great though. The other consoles are pretty cheap, but Sony seems to be holding their own pretty well.

GenericUserName2926d ago

Yes they are...not saying they aren't. But we've been hearing that next year ps3 will . . .heard it before with all those games, didn't happen.
Ps, to come from having almost 75% market share the previous gen to "holding their own pretty well" this

JoeReno2926d ago

How he still has 2 bubbles, I will never know, but at least that's it for him in this thread.

Oner2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@ Silly gameAr ~ Exactly. Especially when you factor in that the PS3 has always been the most expensive console, at all times, and still managed to "close the gap". The next major price drop in 2011 (most likely) WILL be the point where the 360 cannot keep it's 2nd place "lead" even if they price drop it as well.

silvacrest2925d ago

"to come from having almost 75% market share the previous gen to "holding their own pretty well" this"

so by your logic once your at the top you should stay there for X amount of years, right? well guess what? sony did that

its unrealistic to think you can stay at the top forever, mistakes are made and the competition makes a competitive effort

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MrAwesome2926d ago

I have 2 PS3s already but it would be nice to see this happen.

Zir02926d ago

Then MS will cut the Kinect 360 bundle to $199 and kill all their thunder.

Shadowolf2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

@ Zir0
If Microsoft lowers their console to let's say $149 or offer a $199 bundle w/ Kinect, this would be great. A more affordable market of consoles is what the market needs right now.

Sarcasm2926d ago

Yup, you get what you pay for, and the 360 being the cheapest console ever, you get cheap quality with it.

Chris3992926d ago

There is tremendous demand now, but that's certainly not for the 360 itself, it's for Kinect. The 360 has had a $199 price point for ages now, and their users are generally unaware of feature set and value (buying units without a hard-drive for example).

MS has always had the cheapest HD console. It remains to be seen where the market will go when they are all (Wii included, though it could always be the cheapest) relatively on par.