The Conquest of Two Worlds: Part 3 [Gameplay video with commentary]

Matt and Ryan of continue their goal of completing Two Worlds. They plan to play through the entire game, providing live commentary along the way.

This is just the third episode of the series. This time around, meet Steve the Whistling Warrior and have a long chat with Gandohar. Stay tuned to as new videos will be released on a regular basis.

The Conquest series has the members of recording a entire play-through of whichever game they see fit. This time around, it's all about Two Worlds. Watch them play the game, while providing interesting, and sometimes funny, commentary along the way.

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MountainMaverick2926d ago

Good stuff guys. Keep it up!

yess2926d ago

This is going to take a long time...I love it.

Game on!

TWIXMIX2926d ago

Haha, you bet it is! And we're sticking it through till the end so be sure to bookmark

We have a bunch of other features too so feel free to check them out and let us know what you think in the website comments.


cheese2926d ago

Polish people hate the English language.

tinydancer2926d ago

The Witcher can be even worse at times.

TWIXMIX2926d ago

I can't imagine anything being worse than what they have right now.

Bolts2926d ago

When is this game coming to the PS3?

DaCajun2926d ago

This game is already out but only on PC and Xbox360 and has been for 3 years but the 2nd one will be out Jan. 25, 2011 for PS3, xbox360, and PC which is supposed to be better in every way. Here's to hoping Two Worlds 2 is good as the European reviews say it is, since those lucky bastards have had the game for 2 months now and the US and UK have to wait until next year.

Thecraft19892926d ago

Yes but the version coming out next year is longer and has better visual effects. I have to the say its amazing but main story quest can be considered extremely short as it only has 4 chapters.

Bolts2926d ago

Epic fail. I thought these guys were playing Two Worlds 2 LOL. No wonder it looks like crap.

mobijoker2926d ago

Yeah!The game is good.The spell crafting system just blew me away.The game has got 4 chapters but its not like 3 or 4 missions a chapter.It took me 15 hours to finish chapter 1.

Hozi892926d ago

I tried playing Two Worlds after I finished Oblivion with about 100+ hours and I was greatly disappointed. In fact I was disgusted by how slow the controls were and the graphics looked unpolished. I don't think this looks much better but...I might check it out come next year.

palaeomerus2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Umm....why exactly would you expect Two Worlds to look better than Two Worlds just because a couple of guys are recording themselves playing through it ?

DaCajun2926d ago

I'm thinking he doesn't realize they are playing the original game from 3 years ago and not the newest one that is coming out soon.

palaeomerus2926d ago

Ah. Yeah that could well be it. I thought maybe he was a crazy.

TWIXMIX2926d ago

Ya, I think most people expected something more up to Oblivion's quality level. I know we did at one point.

Sadly, this is not that title.

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