Sony Tired Of Microsoft's Kinect Marketing Blitz

Heading into the holiday season, Microsoft has flooded the airwaves with advertising and promotions for its new Kinect motion peripheral. On the other hand, Sony’s push for the PlayStation Move has been quite measured in response. Despite the Move’s month-long head start, both controllers seem to be close in actual sales. In a new interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head Andrew House defends Sony’s quiet little campaign.

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ActionBastard2923d ago

“We know a marketing push is important around a launch window, but what will really drive adoption of new technology is going to be great content,” said House. “We’ve got a whole range of experiences that serve the broadest audience and that is a far better long-term bet. You can only sustain a certain amount of momentum just based on trying to ram product at people based on a strong marketing push. It really will be content that defines it.”

Where is Sony being tired of Kinect marketing?

donniebaseball2923d ago

I think it's because the Sony guy was asked about Kinect and the "ram product at people" comment is referring to Microsoft's approach, versus Sony's more reserved tack

darthv722923d ago

the latest KB commercial of "my kids want a gaming machine but my wife want a bluray player" is a nice marketing angle.

They tried it a year or so back and it didnt work right. I think now that KB is doing the funny ad it may have some success. The kinect marketing push...I see a few ads for dance central and kinectimals but I am not seeing it as often as the KB ads.

Where is the majority of the marketing push? I live in California and my kids watch nick and disney channel and I dont get asked "can we have that can we huh huh huh please please". Even when I see the ads now and then.

It is more than the obvious tv push, that i can guess.

InTheKnow2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Nothing reserved about's called being cheap and letting the other guys do all the work.

Sony mailed in holiday 2010 and really the entire year going back to E3. They delayed LBP and So-com and almost pushed GT into 2011 if not for the uproar the last delay caused...the COD factor had alot to do with this.

2011 is now over crowded with games, forcing more games to be delayed indefinitely.

BattleAxe2923d ago

If what I hear that MS is spending $500,000,000 dollars on advertising is correct, its no wonder that MOVE advertising seems quiet in comparison. The sad thing is think of how many AAA games MS could have made or had another dev make with that kind of money.

Triella2923d ago

One word : GeoW3

Koolno2923d ago

Intheknow : fanboy trying hard to find something against the compagny making the best products, games, accesories :)

even with some delay (not much : gt5 only a few weeks), 10X more exclusives than 360, and better quality and variety overall.

Unknow_Master2923d ago

someone is deeeply butthurt

Spitfire_Riggz2923d ago

@Battle Axe

You know what Microsoft could have done with that money? Something like:

Killzone 3
Resistance 3
Little Big Planet 2
Twisted Metal
Yakuza 4
Socom 4
Some HD remakes of games like GOW Collection Team Ico Collectoin
The Last Guardian
Sly 4 (maybe)
Infamous 2

Ps I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 gets added soon and Starhawk and AGENt and countless others we dont know enough about.

rroded2922d ago

especially those who are already playin it
just feel for those kids getting this under the tree
on the plus side they get a 360 parents say hello to halo n live fees halo players keep your mute shields on high.

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Tilian2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Nowhere. Just more pro-Microsoft misleading bs. Another day in gaming journalism.

FinalSpartan2923d ago

wait a second? what is this bullshit article for hits?

marioPSUC2923d ago

yup, thats why they titled the artice how they did, so people would see the title and click on it, getting them hits. A really crappy way to get people to go to your site, makes a lot of people think your site is crap when it makes up stuff like this

gunnerforlife2923d ago

@Action Bastard
thanks for that now i know the title is misleading and i wont give them a hit!.

PHOSADRA2923d ago

Damn >:0
They need to be careful...Or NOBODY will buy it

Just like an annoying sales representative in a store...If they keep pushing to make a sell...
Eventually the customer gets turned off and doesn't even care anymore

Advertise a little and people will buy...
Shove it down their throats and they will kick your ass

newhumanbreed2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Bad comparison. A sales representative working on commission is more like a fly, hard to shake off when you've got their attention.

Advertisements on the other hand are easy to ignore. More advertising makes the product look like the next big thing, limiting the product makes it look like everyone wants it, and last, using a big name (Oprah) to sell your products draws in a whole other group of customers that you wouldn't have gotten with just the products name or companies reputation.

Little advertisement means no sales. No one is going to get annoyed by advertisements unless the advertisement is annoying. For example, a commercial with a crying baby or a guy you can easily identify as a douche bag just by looking at him. Good thing you don't work for a big company selling their products because I bet no one would ever hear about the products.

hiredhelp2923d ago

And were are these sales figures worldwide based.?

Kon_Artist 2922d ago

so there just saying content over marketing

RealtorMDandDC2922d ago

Pretty much... quality content sells....just as well as $500,000,000 in Ads....

CrIpPeN2922d ago

I agree, headlines are always misleading just to make us click on them.

mcstorm2922d ago

What people and Sony don't seem to get is Playstation is a house hold name for core and none core games. The 360 is beginning a house hold name for core games but not none core games. This is part of the reason why they put so much money behind the 360 and kinect. But if you look throughout MS they are pushing all there products on tv radio posters ect because the none geeks so to speak only know Microsoft for windows and office. MS have taken the Apple apeoch to show the world they offer more than just windows and office.

Vherostar2922d ago

Either way it's working well for both companys and only one of them is paying half a billion for advertising.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2922d ago

Is Sony whining about Microsoft?


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marioPSUC2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

What the........? No where does Sony say they are tired of Microsofts marketing "blitz". Im sure they are alluding to microsoft in some of their comments, but they aren't even saying anything about Kinect, stupid article, and a REALLY stupid title.

Qui-Gon Jim2923d ago

This article, specifically its title, is an example of why nobody respects video game journalism. Headlines that just plain make stuff up. This isn't even taking a quote out of context, it's making up context for the quote.

femshep2923d ago

just can copy the wii and pretend the wii doesn't exist and then they have a hard time selling after the first week while there rival is sold out dosen't mean they can cry about it

it means they need to release uncharted 3 now cause i wanna play

EVO-OM3GA2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Sony tired of MS Marketing are the refering to the US?

Cause in the UK Nintendo have been killing it always see a Wii or DS advert..

In the East Sony's brand alone has probably the Best marketing as there all over the Anime scene.

Oh well guess this article is gonna be filled with 500Mil Kinect as per usual.