Wishlist: The Ideal Zombie Game

Many gamers say that they are tired of huge number of zombie games, modes, and expansions out on the market, but is it because gamers do not like zombies or is it because zombie games just suck? In hopes that some game developer will happen upon this post and actually think I am going somewhere with it, here are some suggestions for the ideal zombie game:

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Shackdaddy8362928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I've always wanted an open world zombie game that can hold ~250+ people per server. Half to 3/4 of the people spawn as zombies(chosen at random or volunteered). The map would then be a random city/town complete with gun store, hotels, diners, houses, hospital, gas stations, sewer system, etc. Almost every building could be explored and the game time would last for days. The humans would be able to find things and build fortifications but they would also need to find necessities like food and water as well as having to exercise and go to the bathroom in a safe area without catching disease. The zombies would be slow but be super strong and basically (over time) destroy any fortification that humans dont fix.

That type of game would be years from now though :(

SeanScythe2927d ago

I love the ideaI would think a world like GTA maybe half as big but First Person. Then infest it with zombies, allow up to 64 players and you can drop in and out at anytime. You start in random building, or as a zombie. You have 24hr day and night and weather cycles. In the heat you need water and shad in the cold you need fire and protective clothing. You can signal for help with flares to get attention from others but also attracts zombies. There are cars but with low fuel or damaged so as to not allow fast or constant transportation.

Throw in a subway, sewer, parks, and other outside areas that would be hell to travel through.

You can find weapons but others are also trying to gather supplies so no one can be trusted. Also you never know who is infected. I would say one bite and you have a few days if not severe and less then a day if it was more then one bite. Only the player that's infected would know and it would show on the screen how they are feeling. You could even have a moral system, to where if you share and help others you are rewarded with finding better things.

Objective2927d ago

Dead Rising has been my ideal zombie game thus far!

clintos592927d ago

An open world zombie game would be tons of fun. Im loving dead nation because it really reminds me of the show, "The Walking Dead". Not graphically but the zombies react to sound like car alarms, gun fire etc. etc. Its just sad the 1st season was only 6 episodes long & season 2 will start in october with 13 episodes.

kaveti66162927d ago

Open world zombie RPG that takes place in a city. I want to be strolling down an abandoned supermarket while all the lights are on and then suddenly zombies everywhere. Basically, GTA with zombies.

High-end graphics, no copy-paste environments.

aaronobst2927d ago

A authentic Zombie Apocalypse game would be badass

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