PS3 Poll Police: Your TGS Predictions

The Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner and with it, some undoubtedly large announcements by Sony and the other console giants. Not to be rude, but the Poll Police aren't interested in the others at the moment -- they need your help in deciphering the big announcements to come and it's going to take two weeks! This week the Poll Police have compiled what they feel would be the biggest announcements Sony could belt out during the show, but your duty does not end at casting a vote this week. Should you feel another announcement is bigger and/or better, leave a comment informing us so next week we can pitch those suggestions against this week's most talked about prediction. Without further ado, the Poll Police's ideas.

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DiLeCtioN4114d ago

give me HOME and rumble and am set for the year

Violater4114d ago

with patches for or existing exclusives to support it.

nasim4114d ago

all would be announced as ps3 exclusive

LP 2 and DR 2 would be announced for ps3 alongside the x360 versions

NG2 and DOA 5 would be announced for ps3 as well as x360.

WKS would steal the TGS

MS booths would remain empty like the previous TGSs and Eternal sonata and Ace Combat 6 would be announced for ps3

x360 sales would drop to 500 units per week after TGS

Robotz Rule4114d ago

Give me Home and Rumble and I'm set as well:)

I REALLY do miss rumble!

And Home sounds and looks great.

Apocalypse Shadow4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

*team ico will show their ps3 games.

*rumble sixaxis will be shown for GT5 just as the first rumble controller was made for GT1.firmware updates for games like motorstorm and resistance will be talked about.also the psp sixaxis link up will be talked about.GT5 will have motorcycles.

*afrika will be shown.white knight story will amaze,pseye games will be revealed (like eyedentify),little big planet will be played.

*videos of the getaway,8 days,ffxiii and vsxiii.surprise announcement of an ffvii game for ps3 for japanese release at the end of the year 2007(funded by sony for 2 years).reason ffxiii was pushed way back.

*recent games like heavenly sword,ratchet,uncharted,killzo ne and lair will be shown.

*HOME will be shown and launch date revealed.

*price drop for europeans announced.

*6 psn games shown.three already known(trials of topoq,eye of judgement,echochrome)

*tekken6,time crisis4 and soul calibur4 videos shown by namco.

*metal gear4 will be shown,announcement of zone of the enders 3,new contra game by konami.

*firmware 2.0 will be talked about to coincide with home.will release before home.

*ps2 to drop to $99 dollars.

*psp slim shown.

*sony announces 6-7 million ps3s sold.

more to be revealed later in the day.

*motion control driving option for GT5
*new fighting game by sony
*new action game by sony
*sequels to resistance and motorstorm announced
*legend of dragoon sequel made by level 5
*level 5 purchased by sony

more to come

................mag lev super train................

LeonSKennedy4Life4114d ago

Dude...sayin' ZOE3 will be released is a bit bold, don't you think?

DaTrooF4114d ago

i will also like to add

*Jak & Daxter 4

*Ninja Gaiden 2

Mainman4114d ago

@ mag-lev shadow

How do you know all that?

And lets hope most of them are true. I am hoping for Zone of the Enders 3.

And the FF7 for PS3, sounds too good to be true, but I sure hope it is true though.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4114d ago

Quality RPG's & I'll be happy. %)

xplosneer4114d ago

They may HINT or MENTION Xbox portable, and as many RPG's as they can get out.

Wii: some new peripheral and games, updates, Mario(duh)

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The story is too old to be commented.