Why Pay-As-You-Go Gaming Will Be The Next Big Thing

"One thing about the video game industry, just like other major industries, is that it’s dominated by trends. In recent years the safest bets are first person shooters and sequels; both of which have become redundant and the main catalyst behind the lack of originality in the current gaming landscape. However while playing Epic Game’s latest title on the iOS platform, Infinity Blade i realized that the next major trend is finally upon us. Analysts and Public Relations folks alike coined it as “Episodic Content,” but that’s not going to work. I’d like to call it: pay-as-you-go gaming."

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booni32924d ago

The sad thing is, i can totally see this idea coming to life. Subscription gaming really is beginning to look like the future.

taz80802924d ago

Look at games like WoW where you pay as you go, if you decide to stop thenyoudont pay anymore. Works well.

Ninferno2924d ago

that would be great. With a game like WoW, I feel like im forced to play the whole month, otherwise, i'd feel like i was wasting money.

JohnColaw2924d ago

Interesting piece to be sure. He's not really talking about subscription based gaming (like WoW or other MMOs), but more paying for each piece of the game separately.

If this is done at a reasonable price and in a timely manner I could see it working out. Check out your friends list on XBox and see how many of them play the hell out of Black Ops and have Zero or very few achievements in it. I'm sure those people would have been thrilled to pay $20 for just the multi-player component, or similarly people who don't have the internet do the same for just the campaign.

Danl2924d ago

Part of me feels like I'm being taken advantage of with this approach, and part of me feels like it makes sense. Great write up, though.

thevokillist2923d ago

I don't find anything wrong with a "pay as you go" approach, you are getting your money's worth really. It's new, but I don't think everything should like this...

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