GameFocus: Kung-Fu Live Review

GameFocus: "Although Sony’s PlayStation Eye has been around since 2007, its use has been fairly limited until the recent launch of their PS Move peripheral. In an interesting decision, independent studio Virtual Air Guitar from Finland have released their first game, Kung-Fu Live; a brawler that uses the PS Eye unit to track your actions and put you into the game. While the idea is great in principle, there are far too many issues preventing it from being worth your time or your money. Hiyah? More like Hiyow..."

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Azmacna2921d ago

if this game had been on Kinect it would have scored around 7/10. it isn't perfect by any means, but Christ, the bias is getting sickening

GenericUserName2920d ago

The conspiracy never designer tin foil hat bro

FunAndGun2921d ago

It is a lot of fun for only $15.

killa_sam2920d ago

This review is totally bias. I enjoyed the game and if the doesn't recognise your moves its because you're not doing it right. Get off your a$$ and move. Please note the only point worth taking is that it needs about 2.5 to 3 metres of room but it works with less just move the camera behind the TV.

Anna2919d ago

Great news, thanks a lot for this article !

marque_pierre2919d ago

Play in a well-lit room, wearing bright colours. Problem solved.