Telus to offer free Xbox 360 with every Windows Phone 7 purchase

Telus made some headlines for offering a free Xbox 360 with a new Windows Phone 7 purchase back a few weeks ago, but they only had like 100 and it was limited to Toronto. This time, however, things are different.

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rroded2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

yeh you cant buy a toaster here without someone trying to give you a free xbox lol

seriously last time i went to time hortons the clerk tried giving me one with every timbit i bought.

jk/ still Ive seen a lot of free xbox deals around Rogers has one Futurshop was giving em out with new laptops not long ago n a few others
can only imagine the stock piles are making for good deals cause telus is a cheap ass evil corp if ever we had one...

darthv722923d ago

are these incentives an official move by MS or by the store selling them? Not to different than the best buy ps3/bravio deal.

I believe that was limited to best buy from sony. If it was an open promotion from sony then it would have been available everywhere. Like the 5 free movies with the purchase of a bluray player.

Funny thing..MS doesnt make the phones. The WP7 phones are available from Samsung and HTC to name a couple.

Washington-Capitals2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

This is hardly a deal, any of you who are old enough to understand, while the xbox may be great, " must activate a new THREE year contract" is what will shoot you in the foot.

Nothing is free in this world.

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Raptura2923d ago


What if you were already going to purchase a Windows 7 Phone on a new 3 year contract anyway, regardless of the Xbox 360? Then it seems pretty damn free to me.

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Anon19742923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

They must have come into a whack of Xbox consoles for some reason. They're also giving them away free if you sign up for a cable contract in Alberta. My sister just signed up for Telus TV service and she'll be getting her free Xbox in a few weeks. Already she's planning on selling it to one of her husband's co-workers so she can put it towards a PS3.

At any rate, almost everyone does 2-3 year contracts for smart phones in Canada. There are a few providers that don't have contracts, but those are mostly owned by the very same company's - just operating under a different name. If you're going to be locked into a contract anyway, why not get something extra? I wouldn't mind getting a free Xbox, as long as it was a new slim. I've had so many 360's go on me I'm not spending any money on buying a new console, but if I got a free slim I'd probably play it more than I do the old 360 I don't feel I can rely on.

jha12232923d ago

Three year contract. Man, I thought my two year contract sucked.

thematrix12982923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

3 year contract is standard in Canada for a good phone. Phones are cheaper though, I paid $9x.xx for iPhone 4 w/ 3 years contract and some Fido Dollars. 16gb iPhone is $149.99 w/ 3 years contract.

hoops2923d ago

3 year contracts suck large.

allyc4t2923d ago

I'd rather buy the 360 instead of dealing with Telus tech support.

hoops2923d ago

Telus tech support suck even more than 3 year contracts.
Not to mention their customer service.
No one should buy into ANY contract. Just buy the phone and go by a plan.

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