Lower Video Game Sales Hamper Toys 'R' Us Q3

U.S.-based retailer Toys 'R' Us said its entertainment segment, which includes video games, was its weakest business during the quarter ended October 30, due to fewer software and hardware launches.

Total sales for Toys 'R' Us were $2.7 billion for the quarter. The entertainment segment generated $278.1 million, or about 10 percent of the total. Year-on-year, the segment was down 15 percent.

Weak video game sales during the quarter offset sales in the retailer's juvenile, core toys and learning categories. Toys 'R' Us said weak entertainment category sales were "driven by fewer releases of new software and video game systems."

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hougigo2922d ago

Personally i think the only reason anybody shops at Toys r us now is because of that little 20 dollar gift card they sometimes give out.

StitchJones2922d ago

That is the only time I will buy a game from ToysRUs. All of my game purchase business goes to Gamestop or Bestbuy otherwise.