Why I Hate...World of Warcraft

Eurogamer: "There are countless good reasons why I've never crossed the threshold of a bookies. First and foremost is my poor relationship with lady luck. However, it's also about my natural inclination towards chain smoking fistfuls of cigarettes and chewing my fingernails to the bone.

Given my own weaknesses I'd be afraid to throw 20p in a slot machine, let alone risk throwing away my life savings on a four minute horse race. So I should have seen World of Warcraft coming."

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Spinal2921d ago

Why no-one cares about this article....

ahh a more fitting title =)

Faelan2921d ago

He tried to win the game like a regular old singleplayer game. Failed at it since you can't win an MMO... and now he is bitter. That's what I got out of the article.