Crytek’s Warface to Launch in China

Crytek GmbH (Crytek) has today announced its cooperation with Tencent Games (Tencent), as Tencent has obtained the exclusive license in China to operate Crytek’s next First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, entitled Warface (Chinese title to be named). As the stunning visual effects and thrilling game-play experience brought by Crytek’s Crysis series remain fresh on players’ mind, Crytek is developing Warface, a shooting game powered by the advanced engine CryENGINE 3.

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CombineElite2925d ago

I don't think this game will come to the states as it would cancel out Crysis 2 MP.

Sucks though as it looks good so far. I really like being able to use a riot shield.