SingStar Update: European Track Catalog Coming, 64 Songs Coming 12/15

PS Blog: I’m excited to share some great news regarding the US SingStore. Many of you have expressed your frustration over the months on the difference in songs on the US and European SingStore. Your voices have been heard and we’re happy to announce today that we have secured an agreement in the US with Universal Music, the world’s leading music company.

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Parapraxis2920d ago

This is huge news for SingStar fans in North America.
The EU catalogue is huge! This will make the game soo much better for many many people!

It's unfortunate that it took this long (legal issues) but great to know it's finally happening!

No more buying UK PSN cards for me! =D

Vherostar2919d ago

I agree the catalogue over here is HUGE. Still need more modern songs though a lot of classics more than anything.

Chapulin2919d ago

Awesome!!! Time for some Bon Jovi. Ohh yeaaahh.