Gaming has nothing to fear from the Spike TV Video Game Awards

Spike TV aired its so-and-so annual Video Game Awards this weekend; the show was hosted by the always-classy Neil Patrick Harris, who sometimes seemed pained by the show that was going on around him. There were lame jokes, there was the brief possibility of a bared vagina, and anyone who takes gaming seriously at all winced more than once.

Gaming writers, pundits, and various hangers-on took to Twitter to complain about how bad the show was and how terrible it made our hobby look. There were editorials written and opinions defended, and there was this odd consensus that we should be threatened by the smoke and mirrors of Spike's yearly orgy of promotion. The truth? Gaming is fine, and it's going to take more than Spike TV to hurt it.

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SnakeMustDie2923d ago

Spike TV VGA is to be feared. If this is gaming is heading towards to, then I'll just quit gaming altogether(it will be hard). The gaming I know and love doesn't involve celebrities pretending they even have something to do with videogames and they are there just to stand and look pretty for the crowd. It's about games not freaking celebrities.

hougigo2923d ago

So very true... it irritates me listening to them as they read off of the teleprompter about how they love Video games. Also, why was Neil Patrick Harris host? Oh i love video games.... bullshit, anybody can say that.

CombineElite2923d ago

The show was absolutely HORRIBLE! I'm glad I taped it so I could just FF to the trailers. The best part was Mike Chiklis picking that girl up in the mini skirt.

nothing but a bunch of C-list people posing as gamers and Nerds reading stupid jokes off a teleprompter. They should of just let Valve control the whole show.

then they had the balls to give Neil Patrick Harris an award for best voice acting over Martin Sheen in Mass Effect 2, what a crock. The show was Instant Delete.

Makavelli15272923d ago

Made me think of South Park when they were waiting for the Terrance & Phillip movie trailer and had too watch the Russell Crowe show lol

iliimaster2923d ago

it was horrible i had to sit through denise richards talk about video games? lmao damn i knew about more video games than her at the age of 5... horrible jokes. i feel they treated it more like a joke than anything else....