Tony Hawk's Demo Arriving on Marketplace on 10th September

Get ready to download the demo for the ninth game in the Tony Hawk's series from Xbox Live Marketplace on the 10th of September.

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InMyOpinion3747d ago

My 360 just crapped out and went RROD on my a$$ lol! Let's hope the poor people in India will be able to help me get a new one. And hopefully one that lasts for some time like the first one did.

InMyOpinion3746d ago

If it had crapped out tomorrow at least I could have got to try Tony Hawk.

Chris_GTR13746d ago

after playing skate i dont think ill even bother downloading this demo.

Chexd3746d ago

see im gonna say the opposite. I found Skate fiddly for my clumsy hands. I guess its a LOVE or HATE thing.

Fifa and PRO evo etc etc.

BloodySinner3746d ago

I download the demo. I want to see how this measures up to Skate.

Owner360-PS33746d ago

Its not on the marketplace yet, maybe later.