Is 2011 The Year Of The PS3

With 2010 slowly drawing to a close and the VGA winners all announced and appropriately applauded, gamers now look towards 2011 and what it holds for us all. Sony have a rather impressive list of exclusives set to storm the market all through 2011, and Nintendo and Microsoft comparatively are very thin on exclusive bragging rights. Is 2011 the year of the PS3?

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Cwalk8162925d ago

Yea, I agree mostly with this article, but Drake's Deception is coming out way too late :(.

deadreckoning6662925d ago

How is it coming too late...its only two years after the first one? A franchise like Uncharted 2 doesn't deserve the milkage that COD gets.

I_find_it_funny2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

So many games to keep us busy until then. In gaming time goes fast, really fast.

Cwalk8162925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

You misunderstood me, I meant too late in the year.

You're right I_find_it_funny, the other games will keep me occupied :D

NecrumSlavery2925d ago

I think we understood you dude. Uncharted 3 will release 2 years after the last one. It still feels fresh, but at the same time it is new and exciting. With the massive amount of PS3 exclusives and great AAA Multiplats coming, why would Uncharted 3 come out anytime bu the fall? It gives every other game a chance to shine before it comes in and steals another 150+ GOTY Awards, and wraps the year up a game that will last in our memories forever. I already have so many games to buy between MassEffect2/LBP2's release, all the way up through The Last Gaurdian. I am not sure what is coming midsummer to October, but I am so glad to have UC3 slamming in before Christmas. But don't worry if you don't own a PS3, you'll still have Gears, Forza, and COD to fill your Christmas time.

SnuggleBandit2925d ago

Just like 2008, 2009, and 2010

velocitygamer2925d ago

Is it me...or are there too many games squashed in to come out for 2011. That means two thing. 1. A PS3 game will likely or most certainly get GOTY. 2. What games will come out for the PS3 in 2012? Oh yeah...the world will end /s

vsr2925d ago

my personal opinion.

As a gamer, Every year from 2006 is the year of PS3!

rroded2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

more like the domination of the ps3 since day one
outselling the 360 with its massive advertising dlc/franchise buying inspite of sticking true to its roots. Sony keeps pounding out smash after smash game in near silence while ms trumpets halo 2.53 as the second coming. Now with kinect everything ms hopes to cut its losses n tap the lucrative casual market. At the cost of its own loyal fanbase. While Sony's move humbly flys off the shelves with its souped up wii hd look n feel. Even the hardcore cant wait for it to hit new AAA games like kz3.
The real question here is can the 360/ kinect stay relevant in 2011?

Sarcasm2925d ago

but but but MS doesn't announce exclusives until the same day it releases!!! wahhhhhhhh

ShinMaster2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Year after year of games and games!

Traveler2925d ago

I don't know if it's the "year of the PS3", but I know for sure that the PS3 is carying way more than its fair share of hardcore gaming, especially in 2011. There has never been a comparable lineup for any console that I can remember. The PS3's exclusive lineup in 2011 is simply the best I have ever seen for a single console.

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FinalSpartan2925d ago

yes lets just say a year of awesome games for all consoles!

PS3 got a awesome and strong lineup
Xbox 360 got some good games coming too
and the nintendo wii

awesome year for all gamers! I for one will be buying games for all formats.


Masterchef20072925d ago

For one second i was expecting you to troll here. But you make some really good points

Christopher2925d ago

Why must it come down to just one year?

Since the second year of the PS3 I've been happy with it and it's been a winner for me.

Xbox 360, for me, has only had two good years, but no year has been bad. I just bad multiplatforms for my PS3, so that's kind of a user-specific problem, not a problem with the platform.

I don't give a rats arse about who is number one, I care that both are working their best to provide for me the games I enjoy playing. So far, I'm happy.

Vherostar2925d ago

Me too since my 3rd 360 died I switched to PS3 and never been happier with it. I mean I miss my gears of war and I used to miss castle crashers till it came to PSN. But now I got Gears 1 (the best one!) on PC and love my PS3 and the funny thing is most the games I buy ain't even AAA exclusive I buy NIS games.

beavis4play2925d ago

i agree 100% cgoodno. - bubbles.

and message to the stories contributor "thehip14" - your title is bogus. sony has been putting out GREAT games for the last several years and has almost eliminated the 1 year head start that the 360 enjoyed. and look at their game you really have to ASK if next year will be ANOTHER great year for ps3?

Sizzon2925d ago

How is it coming way to late? Mass Effect 3 is coming next year, ONE year after the second one. Tho I know it's gonna be great.

wicko2925d ago

It's not one year after the 2nd one.. its nearly 2. Jan 2010 for ME2, Holiday 2011 for ME3, Holiday meaning Nov-Dec.

phatak2925d ago

killzone 3
2.motorstorm apocalypse
3. final fantasy 14
4. yakuza 4
5.socom 4
6. sorcery
.7 journey
8. heroes on the move
9. final fantasy vs 13
10. infamous 2
11.twisted metal ps3
12. resistance 3
13. ratchet and clank 4 one
14. the last guardian
15. agent
16. little big planet 2
17. ico collection
18. uncharted 3

Traveler2925d ago

Even though I am not sure Agent will come out in 2011 I still have to say that your list shows exactly what I was talking about in my other comment. 2011 for the PS3 is by far the best lineup of exclusive games that I have ever seen for any console.

Beast_Master2925d ago

I think we will see some delays annouced for some of these games there are just to many. the ones I would count on not being delayed are KZ3, R3, UC3, and LBP2. but I could see Twisted Metal or MotorStorm being moved bc of the audience being similar. Socom 4 keeps running out of windows, Q1 is way to crowded and Fall is really crowded (as far as Sony exclusives). So unless it comes out in the Late Spring/Summer I could see them giving the title even more time, which may mean a bigger better game.

Before I feel the wrath, I do want to contend that Sony almost never releases 2 major exclusives in one month unless they are far diffrent games IE UC and R&C, and they don't typically release games in June/July/August. So just do the math. Jan. LBP2 Feb/KZ2 March/DC Universe April/Socom 4? May/Infamous 2? Sept/R3 Oct/Last Gardian/Motorstorm Nov/UC2/Twisted Metal... Crossing fingers but 2012 needs games other than Agent, Starhawk and Sony Santa Monica's next game hopefully a new IP!!

PHOSADRA2925d ago

As far as I'm concerned...every year since 2006 has been year of the ps3...
Sure the WII and 360 offer good things...

But for me PS3 FTW

jellybalboa2925d ago

IS 2011 FINALLY THE YEAR FOR MICROSOFT , that is the question we should be asking

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yoshiro2925d ago

like 2009 and 2010 were...
but 2011 is definetly looking very, very promising.
there are plenty of AAA games exclusively on PS3 and great multiplats...isn't gonna be a easy year to be a gamer (in the most positive way)

-Alpha2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The PC also has a nice line up of exclusives

samuraiX2925d ago

I think 350 fans really need to sell their console

there are way better exclusive games on the PS3, including multiplats.

Traveler2925d ago

While the PS3 is also my favorite console and if I could only own one it would be the PS3 without a doubt, why would people sell their 360s if they already have one? You would get practically nothing for it and besides, there are still the occasional good game that comes out for it. Alan Wake was a good game, Halo Reach was a good game, Gears of War 3 will probably be a good game.

I don't understand this mentality some of you have that you should only own one console. If you can only afford one, that's fine. But I have always owned more than one console each generation and I don't like to miss out on any of the good games.

rrw2925d ago

man, i am getting bored with this. it easy to see sony is the winner for 2011. ranging form awesome exclusives to PSP2 annoucement.

is boring when you have easy win

Philoctetes2925d ago

Well, Microsoft basically vacated the "core gamer" market and is devoting nearly all its resources to Kinect. Even Sony had only half as many exclusives coming out in 2011, it would win by default. The fact that it's actually putting out an other-worldly lineup turns it into a blowout.

VINNIEPAZ2925d ago

"Microsoft basically vacated the "core gamer" market and is devoting nearly all its resources to Kinect"

Really now troll? Wanna show us were you came up with this "fact"? Oh wait, you pulled it out your ass.......

Obama2925d ago

He is stating facts. Just take a look at MS exclusives for next year. Half are kinect titles. If you dont take those into account, then there's really not much to brag about

Iramo2925d ago

Another one? I just took off my flame resistant suit after the xbox 360 vs ps3 2011 exclusives jizz god dang it whelp back to war.

AkimboUSPs2925d ago

Tons of great PS3 exclusives coming. Makes me want to get my own instead of playing on friends'.