STIR: Do Zombies Make Everything Better?

Chris Forbis of examines the questions of zombies making everything better in this week's STIR. He also asks the question - what if we replaced zombies with Santa? Does Santa make everything better? Click through to see what Chris and other writers at Platform Nation had to say - and add your thoughts about what zombies have made better, or worse, or could make awesome.

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beavis4play2924d ago

do zombies make everything better? i know i hate the COD series but i did buy WaW on amazon several months ago for 15$ just to play zombie mode. and then i bought map packs to play der riese and verruckt........and i'm totally addicted. also addicted to dead nation too!
and i HOPE valve will eventually bring L4D to ps3!!

yea - i'd say zombies make everything better!

Chnswdchldrn2924d ago

yes because it adds the a Guns vs hordes of melee attackers, something that is best explained with the inclusion of zombies in an otherwise shooter only game.

I dont think it is the zombie aspect so much as it is the horde aspect of things that people seem to love so much...this is the reason why I think that zombies SHOULDN'T be in every game, but a horde like melee attack enemy SHOULD.

and when I say horde I don't mean "horde mode" like in gears of war. That, imo, was very boring because it was pretty much campaign mode, just with no story. What I would have liked would have been like a Spire mode, in which gears fend off increasingly difficult waves of melee only Spires and maybe wretches too.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2924d ago

I like William Johnson's response to "What would be awesome with zombies in it?" A GTA: Zombie Apocalypse would be an interesting game to play. It would make the 'survival' aspect of Survival Horror much more fun to play in a free roaming environment. I didn't play Undead Nightmare because, while I'm sure it deserved every award it's received to date, and Rockstar hasn't disappointed me yet, I couldn't really get into RDR. I do like the concept though. I'd buy an Undead Nightmare add-on for GTA IV.

beavis4play2924d ago

do yourself a favor and get undead nightmare - it's a lot of fun and the story/humor really surprised me as to how good it was.

as far as a freeroaming survival horror game - isn't that kind of what the L4D series is? i haven't played it since i only own a ps3 but i'd buy it in a second if came to the sony console.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2924d ago

I've never played Left 4 Dead. Like you, I only own a PS3. I think my neighbor has Undead Nightmare, I'll have to go over there and check it out when the new wears off his copy of GT5.