Call of Duty: Black Ops is seventh biggest selling game of all time - already

CALL of Duty: Black Ops has sold a staggering 8.4m copies in its first month, making it the seventh biggest selling game of all time, according to reports today.

Treyarch's FPS record-breaker sold 4.9m copies to X360 gamers and a further 3.1m to PS3 players.

The rest is made up from DS, Wii and PC although, amazingly, the figure doesn't even include digital sales.

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Sticky__Rice2920d ago

I'm at a point where i really dont care; :(

velocitygamer2920d ago

No surprise here. It's a call of duty game, a lot of people will buy it. One thing I really don't get is that...they make so much money...what the fuck do they do with it? The least they could do is make the campaign longer with that money. Oh wait, I forgot, that hungry fat fuck Kotick gobbles all the money up.

soundslike2920d ago

the campaign is too long for a turkey shoot, they need to either cut the fat or beef it out into some less linear and obnoxious.

justinb12920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Wait what???? did I miss something? 8th best selling game OF ALL TIME? gran turismo 3 sold 14M copies
14M > 8.4M
GT4 sold 11M
11M > 8.4M
Why isn't that on the list??????

@ below
Grand theft auto san andreas....

@ fatoldman
firstly, nice name :L and secondly, it doesn't say that anywhere on the site though, so where'd you get that from?
Ahh I see now, cheers mang :)
Btw *NPD :P

Microsoft_Spokesman2920d ago

In 2010 according to their list.

Ducky2920d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

North Amerika mi amigo.

Best selling game of all time... in america.

It's NDP... the numbers are for America.
There was a similar news story before too, it mentioned NA specifically. Otherwise, there are many other games that outsell the games on that list. (In global sales)

Yes NPD... Confusing my political parties with my sales researching whatever-it-is-they-do groups.

EDIT: Pointless video for pointlessness. =/

2919d ago
Vherostar2919d ago

yet got same metacritic score as GT5 which 360 fans consider a failure.. Extraordinary..

SKUD2919d ago

Its gonna be a great Christmas at Kotick house hold this year.

Ducky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

... all the CoD's since MW are on the list.

... but why did the article have a lame tomahawk video? There's better ones out there.
Then again, there's better games out there too.

Sticky__Rice2920d ago

were you expecting any differ? lloll

BiggCMan2920d ago

I stopped playing after 2 weeks. I suppose i'll go back to it sometime. But I've been really hooked on Borderlands lately since I got a good deal on that, excellent game too. I don't think I will be buying Call of Duty anymore. It's just a waste of money to me now and there are far too many games coming out between now and December 2011. So many PS3 exclusives, so many multiplats that are far superior to Call of Duty. I can't wait for 2011!!

Sticky__Rice2920d ago

Couldn't agree more; Call of duty is becoming played out.. gimmie some orginality; (wish i could comment more but... bubbles -_-) Anyways; 2011 is gonna be great!

soundslike2920d ago

Originality is soOOoo 2006

2919d ago
sleepy32919d ago

How much originality can games really bring. How much has mario changed? still beating bowser.

How much has kratos changed? Still doing the same thing with chains and gods
How much has halo changed? Still doing the same thing with aliens and the warthhog....with jetpacks
How much has Gt/ Forza changed? Still driving.
How much has GTA changed? Still doing the same things with the hookers and the escort missions.
How much has killzone changed? Still shooting clones of the same guys just prettier...with jetpacks

What constitutes a change

Games can never really make a drastic change outside of setting. Hence the change from Cod2 to CoD4 was seen as big one, but in reality they just changed the setting and added perks. Not much.

The most drastic change for games was from 2D to 3D. Beyond that, its hard to change a game n any real fundamental way. A FPS is gonna have guns and people to shoot. You can put it in the 19th, 20th, 21st or even 30th century....its gonna have guns, and people to shoot.

All you can really do is add things like vehicles, diff game modes, jetpacks, that kinda thing.

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