Operation Supply Drop's SPIKE STRIP: Decide Which Console to Send to the Troops

Decide which console FTG founder Shanghai Six will play exclusively for a year and which console he will donate to the troops in Afghanistan!

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2925d ago
maxcavsm2925d ago

Thanks for the bump, Cat and Zero! Get the word out and we'll make this happen!

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MajestieBeast2925d ago

Ps3 it has the games to play in 2011.

Cat2925d ago

So inner fanboys, this is something of a dilemma. Will you vote for Stephen to keep the console you prefer, or will you throw a vote to the other side so that the troops get the obviously superior system? ;)

maxcavsm2925d ago

Hmmm...hadn't actually thought of it like that. Interesting dilemna. But none of it matters unless they vote!

(Psst..thx again, Cat :) )

Fir3truck2925d ago

You have got to keep the 360, other wise you will no longer have the joy of putting a round throught my skull.

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